Add headings on file explorer

  fromwillie 05:30 25 Nov 2016

on the standard task bar i want extra headings, and where can i then add the data on headings. This is to manage my files

  Burn-it 15:53 25 Nov 2016

I think if you right click on one of the headings you get a list of the possible ones. I use a replacement so I can't check. Or it might be under the view options columns.

  BRYNIT 18:01 25 Nov 2016

If you are wanting to add to add to the column headers i.e. Name, Date modified, Type and size and you are using Windows 10, under view click on current view - Sort by - choose columns and select the columns you want. Not sure about previous versions.

  lotvic 18:35 25 Nov 2016

and where can i then add the data on headings

if by that you mean where can you type extra info and notes about a particular file - At top left, File tab and click on Details pane then for each file you select you will be able to add stuff via the far righthandside pane that is displayed. for example hover your cursor over various items in the list and you get options for Add a tag, Add a comment, Add a category, etc etc.

  fromwillie 08:01 28 Nov 2016

Thanks for the replies. Where can i email the example to for you to assist me more please

  lotvic 16:04 28 Nov 2016

fromwillie, Have we not grasped what it is you are trying to achieve? You can't email a file on forum. You can post a screen shot, if you host the screenshot pic on an image hosting website and click on the icon and paste the direct url of your screenshot in the popup box, or you can just paste the direct link into your post on forum.

(tip: type a 3 or 4 spaces after pasting in a url link before you type anymore content text - the forum formatting is a bit quirky)

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