ActiveX Issue

  [email protected]#36 17:14 13 Mar 2010

Sometimes when using Internet Explorer 8 I get a message that states:

Check your Security Settings
Check your browser settings to make sure that ActiveX add-ons are permitted.

Normally the yellow bar will appear and ask to allow such things to run but the bar does not appear. When I check add ons there is no mention of ActiveX?
Anyone any idea what I need to do?

  rdave13 22:43 13 Mar 2010

Try going to tools, in IE8, internet options then security tab.
Check security set at medium-high.
Click on custom level tab and scroll to ActiveX control and plug-ins.
In this list check that;
Binary and scripts behaviours set to enable.

Download signed ActiveX controls is set to prompt.

Only allow approved domains to use ActiveX without prompts is set to enable.

Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins is set to enable.

Script ActiveX controls marked as safe for scripting is set to enable.

The rest in the ActiveX control and plug-ins list are set to disable.

  [email protected]#36 07:59 14 Mar 2010

Checked those and they are set as you have suggested?

  Technocrate 08:02 25 May 2010

Starting the ActiveX Installer Service

On computers running Windows 7, the ActiveX Controller Service is enabled by default and configured so that it can be started when it is requested by Web sites that provide ActiveX controls.
Configuring the ActiveX Installer Service

The options and sites used by the ActiveX Installer Service are configured by Group Policy settings, which can be modified by using either the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) or the Local Group Policy Editor. There are two policy settings for the ActiveX Installer Service: Approved Installation Sites for ActiveX Controls and Active X installation policy for sites in Trusted zones. The Approved Installation Sites for ActiveX Controls policy setting consists of a list of approved installation sites, which the ActiveX Installer Service uses to determine whether an ActiveX control can be installed. The Active X installation policy for sites in Trusted zones policy setting identifies the methods by which Trusted sites zones can be used to install ActiveX controls. When a Web site attempts to install an ActiveX control, the ActiveX Installer Service will check to see if the URL of the Web site is listed in either the list of approved installation sites or as part of the Trusted sites zone. If the site is on either of these, the ActiveX Installer Service will check to make sure that the site meets the requirements defined by the policy. If the site and the ActiveX control meet all of the requirements of the policy settings, the control is installed.

  [email protected]#36 12:07 25 May 2010

Thanks for the suggestions, however the solution appears to have been to switch back to IE x32 bit

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