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Acronis True Image 2012

  Anon-386689 15:01 08 Feb 2012

I have used ATI 9 happily for years with my XP PC but having now moved to W7 Pr0 x64bit I need to upgrade ATI for a newer model.

Having researched ATI 2012 a bit, I have found a fairly large number of less than happy users; some examples are:

enter link description here

enter link description here

from the Acronis site - there are more - and from Amazon a mixed bag.

I know there are users on this site and would ask for their experiences of using the later versions (2010/2011/2012) of the ATI software as a little help may save a lot of frustration.

With thanks in anticipation.

  Anon-2432433 15:13 08 Feb 2012

I have had every version of Acronis issued over the last 7 or 8 years and never had a problem.

As far as the latest version, 2012, is concerned I haven't suffered any of the problems identified in your post.

The only thing that I have noticed, and now accept, is that when it has started running the 'time left' starts at days then hours and eventually it takes about 30 minutes!

I only ever do full back ups and keep the last four on an external disk replacing them about monthly unless I have made significant changes in the interim.

I will probably regret this BUT I have never had a problem restoring an image. In fact I use Acronis rather the System restore.

  Anon-2432433 15:15 08 Feb 2012

Further to the above I meant to say that I have Acronis on my 32 bit W7 PC and also on my 64 bit W7 laptop.

  Anon-231416 15:44 08 Feb 2012

Used Acronis for years. Its never missed a beat. Saved me many a time when system restore failed.

  Anon-386689 11:32 09 Feb 2012

Pine Man

".. the 'time left' starts at days then hours .."

Presumably you are referring to the Backup or Restore time as shown in the action window?

I agree with only doing full backups even though they take a bit longer.


Thanks for the info.

  Anon-386689 10:39 15 Feb 2012

Well, prior to ventanas posting I had ordered my copy of ATI 2012. It is now installed and almost functional!!

I have made a system backup, but have a problem with the nonstop backup facility which I find an absolute pain. The manual says to turn it off as follows:

"To turn off and delete Acronis Nonstop Backup, click the gear icon on the Nonstop Backup box of the Backup and recovery tab and select Delete in the menu."

However there is no "Nonstop Backup Box" in the icon list. I have searched but can find no facility to stop this function at all. It is certainly running as I keep getting messages in the Event Log.

Any help on this would be appreciated as Acronis are offline at the moment for "critical maintenance".

  Anon-2432433 10:56 15 Feb 2012

I'll do my best!

When you open ATI you should have four tabs across the top starting with 'Get Started'.

Click on the second tab 'Backup and Recovery'.

Look for the 'Other Back Ups' icon with a drop down menu and select 'Non Stop Backup'. Now I don't use this facility and only ever do Full Back Ups but if nothing is selected in the boxes then I don't think the process can run.

  Anon-2432433 11:07 15 Feb 2012

Further to the above I have just looked at the events in ATI and found that I also appear to be doing a Non Stop Back Up despite the fact that this is not scheduled anywhere as far as I can make out!

I'll keep looking and get back!!

  Anon-2432433 11:34 15 Feb 2012

One Stop Backup is definitely running and by default backs up 'My Documents'. If I untick 'My Documents' it is ticked next time I check!

All of my Full Back Ups are sent to an external drive which is kept turned off unless in use so the one stop back up cannot be saved there. So where is it being saved? Where is the schedule for these operations? I've never set it up and like you cannot find a way of turning it off or finding the files it's backed up - yet!!

  Anon-213943 11:43 15 Feb 2012

Pine Man,

"Further to the above I meant to say that I have Acronis on my 32 bit W7 PC and also on my 64 bit W7 laptop."

Can you still install a single copy of Acronis in multiple PCs, as used to be the case, or does it have to be "activated" in a particular PC? I'm still using v11 (not 2011) in four PCs.

  Anon-2432433 11:59 15 Feb 2012


I had a single copy of 2011 on both computers but when I updated to 2012 it would only allow installation on one computer so I have 2011 on the lap top and 2012 on the PC.

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