Acronis True Image 10

  SURVEY 19:32 06 Dec 2011

Is anyone using Acronis True Image v. 10 with Windows 7? I have used TI 10 for a long time with XP computers and found it satisfactory. However I read postings that suggets TI may not work with Windows 7.

  mgmcc 08:37 07 Dec 2011

Have a read of this posting in the Acronis forums. There do seem to be problems with using version 10, in particular a restored image in Windows 7 may not boot due to the first partition starting at the wrong sector.

  SURVEY 09:50 07 Dec 2011

I like True Image 10 but having read about the later versions, they seem to have unneccessary features. Has anyone used a later version successfully and restored an image with Windows 7 and if so which version of TI have you used? What about the Windows 7 backup image program - is it any good, have you used it to restore and how does it compare with TI?

  KRONOS the First 14:48 07 Dec 2011

I stopped buying Acronis after 9 as it seemed to have ever more features that I neither wanted or needed, I tend to use Easus ToDo if I need this sort of program. But as I use a small SSD (60GB) for my OS and program's I find it is just as easy to reinstall Windows etc as everything else is on a larger HDD.

  Proclaimer 15:02 07 Dec 2011

I have just rebuilt my Windows 7 x64 PC, that took me about 16 hours what with all the updates and service packs and other programs I wanted on there. Full build size is 53gb.

I then installed Acronis TI Home 10 which I had not used in a while. I took an image of the disk and recovered it using the Acronis Startup Recovery Manager,(just press F11 whilst the PC boots)and the full image was recovered in 15 mins. I know what will be doing all the work for me the next time I rebuild this PC.

So, the latest build 'TrueImage2010.7160suk' works well on Win 7 x64.

  mgmcc 15:35 07 Dec 2011

"So, the latest build 'TrueImage2010.7160suk' works well on Win 7 x64."

Original poster is referring to True Image Version 10, which isn't True Image 2010

I'm using Version 11, which again isn't 2011, and although I've backed up and restored images of my Windows 7 64-bit "C" drive, I haven't restored the actual partition from which Windows 7 boots. I don't know how similar versions 10 and 11 are.

  SURVEY 16:59 07 Dec 2011

mgmcc - a full restore is the test and I just wonder if my and your version actually works with W7.

  KRONOS the First 18:08 07 Dec 2011

I have just rebuilt my Windows 7 x64 PC, that took me about 16 hours what with all the updates and service packs and other programs I wanted on there.

Reinstall Windows 7 64BIT with service pack 1 updates and my programs 2-3 hours max.Maybe spend another hour tweaking etc. I can remember it used to take for ever with XP but Windows 7 on an SSD its a lot quicker.

  john bunyan 19:14 07 Dec 2011

I use ATI 10 with W7, and do both images( verified) and a clone from time to time. So far I have not actually had to restore an image so cannot comment. I hope it would work!!

  SURVEY 08:53 08 Dec 2011

john bunyan - it would be galling if a restore does not work though. I would happily stick with TI 10 if I knew for certain that it is compatible with W7. Surely soemone on this forum has carried out a full restore rather than just a restore of a few files?

  SURVEY 22:31 11 Dec 2011

  1. Has anyone actually restored an image with TI 10 on a Windows 7 computer?

  2. I have a Dell laptop that comes with its own backup program & also of course there is the Windows 7 backup program. Are these any good or would I be better off using Acronis? If Acronis then which is the best version for known Windows 7 compatibility?

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