Acessing Mindjolt and Zylom Games

  SouthendMike 23:20 02 Nov 2012

My wife bought a Compaq Laptop the other day (to replace a 3-year-old Laptop that was "playing up") and it has Windows 8 pre-installed. Everything started up fine, but when she tried to access games on Mindjolt and Zylom, both of the sites flashed up that an updated Flash Player version was needed. The current version on the laptop has "397" in the version number, whereas the version needed has "402" in the number. Fine I thought, go into Adobe and download the latest version. Adobe site tells me that the updated version has to be accessed via the Windows update system. Therein lies the problem. It "appears" that the Update system does not recognise the compatibility of the new Flash Player version. What the blue blazes is going on here? My wife is getting more and more frustrated (no smutty jokes please!) that she can no longer play her favourite online games. Can any Computer "gurus" out there let me know how my wife can access her Mindjolt and Zylom Games before World War III erupts in our household?

  Chronos the 2nd 12:57 03 Nov 2012

It seems Microsoft is dragging its feet but I believe if you use FireFox you will be able to update the flash player. So this will be a work around until such times as Microsoft update IE 10.

  SouthendMike 20:27 03 Nov 2012

Thanks, Chronos - I use Firefox on my W7 OS Desktop, and I find it far more user-friendly than IE.

I'll follow your suggestion and see what happens!


  SouthendMike 20:52 03 Nov 2012

Chronos - your belief in Firefox is well justified!

Loaded Firefox - accessed Adobe - downloaded latest Flash Player updates - logged onto the Games websites - HEY PRESTO - everything works as it should do!!!

My wife is now a "happy bunny" and tranquility has been reinstalled in the house.

My grateful thanks.


  Chronos the 2nd 00:53 04 Nov 2012

Good to hear that peace and tranquility has been restored.

  SouthendMike 18:10 04 Nov 2012

As an added thought - just why are Microsoft "dragging their feet" over this issue? After all, there are enough posts on different websites from people complaining about Microsoft and their having released W8 with this (and other) unresolved issues.

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