Acer One Netbook - W8 upgrade possible

  Angry Kid 16:15 29 Nov 2012


I am currently running W8 Pro on my desktop and so far I am delighted with the new look.

However, at times I use the netbook which runs XP and to be frank it is like running in the dark ages in comparison.

Therefore, do I have the specs to upgrade the netbook which are listed below:

CPU - Intel Atom [email protected]

Ram 1.0 GB Single Channel DDR2 @266 Mhz

Graphics - Plug and Play Monitor (1024x600)

As always I would appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks again.

Angry ;-)

  rdave13 17:22 29 Nov 2012

Try the upgrade assistant. I think you will need to upgrade the ram to 2 gig anyway. I'm going to have a look at a Pakard Bell netbook sometime before the offer expires.

  denso50 09:30 30 Nov 2012

I have installed Windows 8 Pro on an Acer Aspire one netbook,It works fine,no problems.I had to change the screen res in advanced setting but other than that its perfect,and a lot faster.

  Angry Kid 10:58 30 Nov 2012

Thanks to all for your postings.

denso50, what did you change your DPI setting to in order to change the screen resolution, or did you just make the change to 75% (10 point arial at 72 pixels per inch)?

Angry ;-)

  Quickbeam 12:03 30 Nov 2012

dr yes

"Windows Store apps require a screen res of 1024x768 but the ordinary desktop apps will work as they do now"

I didn't upgrade my Samsung netbook because the upgrade advisor said I needed a screen res of 1024x768. Are you saying I can run W8 on it with the normal office apps, but not app store apps?

  rdave13 18:51 30 Nov 2012

There is a registry workaround, here, for the resolution. Haven't tried it yet and might make the display unacceptable. I don't know. I also have the problem, was on another thread but can't find it now, that my CPU doesn't have NX turned on or it might not support it. Secure boot also not available but not worried about that.

The upgrade assistant seemed quite happy to continue though, even showing these problems.

Would be interesting if denso50 could show some pointers on what, if any, the assistant pointed out any problems prior to a successful install.

  denso50 19:16 30 Nov 2012

Hi all,I edited the registry, so if you want to do this it might be wise to backup the registry,(I didn't) Go to the Start menu and type in regedit in the search box, then hit Enter. Scroll up on the left pane to make sure you are at the very top of the tree. At the top menu, go to Edit then Find... and search for "Display1_DownScalingSupported" Change each instance you find (you'll likely find 2 results for this) from "0" to "1". Make sure you change every found instance, because otherwise the hack won't work. Once done, restart the system. Easy if you only do as described,after you have finished you will have a whole bunch of resolutions to choose from,just choose the minimum you want. 1024 x 768 is what you need for the apps in windows 8

  rdave13 19:21 30 Nov 2012

Thanks denso50, same as my link. Did you have any other issues showing from the assistant?

  Angry Kid 21:34 30 Nov 2012

Thanks denso50 for the registry modification. Not tried this as yet as my wife has currently got the netbook.

However, I also share rdave13's query re CPU.

Angry ;-)

  denso50 10:54 01 Dec 2012

Hi,to be honest I didn't run the Windows 8 assistant.My Acer One Aspire was running Windows 7 starter when I bought it,I upgraded to Home Premium some weeks after I got it and as the requirements for 8 are almost the same as 7 I just installed 8 Pro from a usb stick. I suppose you could say I took a chance that all would be OK, and it was. If it hadn't been I could always go back to 7.I never had any real doubts,I had already installed 8 on an old Dell Latitude (works great,much faster than the xp pro it had originally)I have also installed 8 on a year old HP laptop that came with 7 ultimate,that is also much faster.If you have any doubts about installing 8, you could always try dual boot with 7 or whatever OS you already have.Try it out do the reg changes,mess about with 8,even put the start button and desktop gadgets on it as I have.If you don't like it you still have the option of returning to as it was.

  Angry Kid 11:30 01 Dec 2012

Morning all,

I have run through the regedit suggestion and my netbook does not have these entries.

I am running XP SP3 so wondered if anyone else has overcome this query by some other means.

Thanks again for your continued help with this.

Angry ;-)

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