Acer One Netbook - W8 upgrade possible

  Angry Kid 16:15 29 Nov 2012


I am currently running W8 Pro on my desktop and so far I am delighted with the new look.

However, at times I use the netbook which runs XP and to be frank it is like running in the dark ages in comparison.

Therefore, do I have the specs to upgrade the netbook which are listed below:

CPU - Intel Atom [email protected]

Ram 1.0 GB Single Channel DDR2 @266 Mhz

Graphics - Plug and Play Monitor (1024x600)

As always I would appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks again.

Angry ;-)

  Angry Kid 10:58 30 Nov 2012

Thanks to all for your postings.

denso50, what did you change your DPI setting to in order to change the screen resolution, or did you just make the change to 75% (10 point arial at 72 pixels per inch)?

Angry ;-)

  Quickbeam 12:03 30 Nov 2012

dr yes

"Windows Store apps require a screen res of 1024x768 but the ordinary desktop apps will work as they do now"

I didn't upgrade my Samsung netbook because the upgrade advisor said I needed a screen res of 1024x768. Are you saying I can run W8 on it with the normal office apps, but not app store apps?

  Angry Kid 21:34 30 Nov 2012

Thanks denso50 for the registry modification. Not tried this as yet as my wife has currently got the netbook.

However, I also share rdave13's query re CPU.

Angry ;-)

  Angry Kid 11:30 01 Dec 2012

Morning all,

I have run through the regedit suggestion and my netbook does not have these entries.

I am running XP SP3 so wondered if anyone else has overcome this query by some other means.

Thanks again for your continued help with this.

Angry ;-)

  Angry Kid 17:08 01 Dec 2012


Following my last post, I decided to try and update my drivers to see if this made any difference. I promptly installed Slim Drivers but following a couple of glitches this was not much help.

However, I later purchased Raxco Perfect Updater from and entered the code CYBER30 to obtain 30% discount off the product price and after running this through I have managed to update the drivers and change the registry entry as earlier discussed. This has indeed opened up other screen resolution options.

When selecting the new resolution 1024 x 768, I notice that the task bar disappears off the screen but presume this is not an issue when upgrading to W8.

I am more or less ready to upgrade to W8 unless anyone else has any other observations / comments before I proceed.

Angry ;-)

  Angry Kid 23:20 07 Dec 2012

Evening all,

I can now confirm that I have successfully installed Windows 8 Pro on my wife's Acer Aspire One netbook.

I followed the download instructions from the Microsoft store and ran the program without an issue. I decided to not keep any files as this netbook is primarily used for surfing the web and therefore the system was clean with just the Windows 8 system set up on the netbook upon completion.

Initially, my screen resolution was 800 x 600. However, following an update of my drivers and tweaking the registry as previously discussed I have now managed to get the screen resolution to 1152 x 864.

Hope this posting is of help to others.

Thanks again for all you comments.

Angry ;-)

  Angry Kid 16:39 08 Dec 2012


I was unable to unhide the monitor settings prior to updating the drivers, as this option was greyed out for me.

As for the message about NX not turned on for my CPU, this was never displayed during the install but was flagged as a potential issue when running the upgrade tool.

However, no issues during the install.

Hope this is of help.

Angry ;-)

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