Acer Laptop Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

  hgg1900 13:59 16 Sep 2017

My Windows 10 Acer Laptop fell off its fan and onto the floor when I wasn't in my room. As soon as I picked it up the chunk connecting all the keys was loose, I clicked it back in place and it looked fine. Everything was okay till I got onto my laptop and realized it couldn't connect to the internet. When I troubleshoot it, it says there is something wrong with the Ethernet cable. I've never used one so I know that isn't the issue. Can I get any help?

  onthelimit1 15:06 16 Sep 2017

It may have dislodged the wifi card. You may be able to access it under one of the removable panels on the base.

  Menzie 00:28 17 Sep 2017

Without knowing the exact specifics of your laptop I must warn you that some laptops are easier to open than others. With some it'll be as simple as a flap to access the Wi-Fi hardware. With others you may need to remove the bottom.

The latter is something I would not recommend if you aren't comfortable doing so. It would be better to take it to a technician and have them do it.

I once upgraded a friend's laptop memory once and to do that I had to remove the entire base, remove the keyboard and various heatshields (the Wi-Fi was about 70% of that journey in). Chances are if the Wi-Fi is no longer picking up it has become dislodged or broken so the laptop sounds like it definitely needs to be opened.

Another thing I just thought of, have you tried the FAN button on the keyboard and whatever shortcut key is assigned to turn the Wi-Fi on and off? Stranger things have happened when a system has fallen.

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