Acer boot up problem

  raziel08 12:48 04 Nov 2009

My acer laptop will not boot up, it gets past the acer splash screen and then displays this message

Broadcom undi PXE - 2.1 v9.4.5
PXE - E61 : Media test failure, check cable
PXE - MOF Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM
Operating system not found

I did create some factory restore discs but it doesb't seem to be able to read them. I haven't checked the cable yet as i don't have a screwdriver small enough.

Plz can anyone help. It worked alright last night upto a point after i had done the recent updates and i was on the internet for about half an hour and then it just froze and shut off.

  User-1229748 13:39 04 Nov 2009

i think your hard drive has packed up.check your bios to make sure it is set to boot from your hard disk.

  raziel08 14:31 04 Nov 2009

thanks for the reply. I have checked the bios and it is supposed to boot up from the hard drive. The laptop is only about a year or so old so is this really possible that it could have packed up?

  raziel08 14:33 04 Nov 2009

then again saying that the dvd drive packed in after only a couple of months use so i suppose its possible. If i installed a new hard drive then could i use my factory restore discs?

  User-1229748 15:02 04 Nov 2009

is it not still under warrenty?

  raziel08 15:23 04 Nov 2009

no the warrenty ran out a couple of months ago, unfortunately.

  User-1229748 15:31 04 Nov 2009

if it was a 12 month warrenty, depending on how much you paid for it,you may be able to argue that 14 months is not a long time for a hard drive to pack up.

  raziel08 19:50 05 Nov 2009

Yeah it was a 12 month warrenty which came with the laptop which i purchased from cclonline for £450. A new hard drive will cost about £40 give or take a few pounds. What do you think? should i ask acer or cclonline to fix the laptop or should i just buy a new drive and use the factory restore discs that i made?

By the way will these discs contain the OS? i always meant to check.

  User-1229748 20:01 05 Nov 2009

it will need someone with more knowledge than myself to advise whether you can recover with the factory reinstall discs after a change of hard disk.i've read somewhere that changes of hardware can make vista think that a new computer is being used to install on.personally i think 14 months is still not very long for £450.

  tullie 21:17 05 Nov 2009

You said that the bios is set to boot from the hard drive,change it to boot from the cd/dvd drive,insert the disc then reboot,worth a try.

  raziel08 09:55 06 Nov 2009

smackheadz - your probably right about that however wasn't there a section in one of the magazines about changing a hard drive and installing the os onto it? How about if i was to find a hard drive of the same make and model, would vista be fooled into thinking that its the same drive?

tullie - thanks for that advice will give it a go later.

I also ran Ubuntu from a live disc and it worked perfectly so i know that none of the other components are at fault.

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