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acer aspire laptop bluetooth downloads

  conrail 21:28 05 Mar 2018

I have a new acer aspire laptop running windows 10 home with bluetooth, on previous HP laptop I had a bluetooth dongle that allowed me to multiple bluetooth transfers simultaneously, this acer for each bluetooth transfer I have to select bluetooth then receive a file for each file individually, I have looked under setting but cannot find if multiple transfers is possible, if multiple transfers is possible can someone point me in the right direction please as I take a lot of photos which takes ages transferring each one individually, I could revert to my dongle but that defeats the object of having bluetooth enabled, all help and advice apreciated

  Forum Editor 15:32 06 Mar 2018

What are you transferring from?

  conrail 16:25 06 Mar 2018

samsung galaxy GT-I9305 mobile phone

  Forum Editor 16:43 06 Mar 2018

Have you tried transferring the files using the USB cable that came with the phone? You'll need to use that cable - many people have found that other cables don't work with your phone.

  conrail 18:00 06 Mar 2018

thanks FE, will try that, when I have multiple photos to transfer I find the easiest way is to remove the sd card and put that in the laptop, just hoping there is a easier way

  conrail 09:56 07 Mar 2018

thanks FE and mrcalif for your advice, I have a one-drive a/c I had forgotten about, I usually use hubic for storage but have resurrected one-drive and am currently downloading all my photos,again thank you both very much, I appreciate your help and advice.

  Aitchbee 17:31 07 Mar 2018

The latest issue 522 of ComputerActive [page 42]has a workshop on How To Transfer Your Photos the fastest way ever.

{50 photos in 10 seconds, approx 70mb}

It uses a utility call ScanTransfer and might be worth a look.

click here

  conrail 20:34 07 Mar 2018

thanks Aitchbee, I will look into it

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