Acer Aspire 5633, Will No Longer Sleep Without Crashing.

  randompunk28 19:07 12 Jun 2011

Hi Everyone,

Ever since I upgraded the RAM in my laptop from 1Gb to 4Gb the laptop will not go into sleep mode without crashing! It didn't happen straight away after changing the RAM but its the most significant change that has happened to the laptop.

I have tested the RAM modules with the built in Memory Test and all is ok, I have tried them in a different laptop with no problems.

The laptop has gone through many adjustments to try and get sleep mode back to full working order but to no avail...

I have even restored the laptop back to factory settings with the built in restore facility.

After restoring the laptop, I had high hopes this would solve the problem but it didn't and now I am just at a total loss of what I can do to fix the laptop without either buying a copy of Windows Vista or buying a new laptop.

If anyone can help me with this I would be extremely grateful.

Any info you need just ask!

Lee Bowden

  chub_tor 20:19 12 Jun 2011

If you have restored the laptop back to factory settings and tested the RAM in other machines then it can only be a compatibility problem between the RAM and the motherboard, perhaps in the timings. When you upgraded to 4GB from 1GB did you add two identical 2Gb modules or one single 4Gb? If the former were they both from the same supplier, the same make and model number? Have you tried with just one 2Gb module, one at a time to see if it just one of them that is causing the sleep problem? Any chance you can identify memory certified by Acer to work in your model and then buy that?

  randompunk28 18:40 13 Jun 2011

Thanks for your reply, I have the old RAM back in the laptop and it still does not sleep like it normally did... The new RAM were identical and were 2x 2gb modules. I just cannot workout why the system still crashes when it goes into sleep mode. Compared to another laptop it seems like the system is not supporting sleep mode.

A lot of articles talk about changing power states in the bios but I have no power management options there. As far as I can tell from both intel and acer websites, all drivers for the laptop are up to date with all the windows updates I could download...

Its becoming very tiresome... for 4 years it has been able to go to sleep then all of a sudden... bam - no longer!!!

Really appreciation any help anyone can offer!!!


  canarieslover 20:33 13 Jun 2011

How much free space do you have left on your hard drive? Hibernation saves its snapshot file to the hard drive and the increase of ram will increase the size of the files needed for hibernation.

  chub_tor 20:53 13 Jun 2011

You seem to have ruled out it being a RAM problem so take a look at this

  randompunk28 18:30 15 Jun 2011

Had a look at the before and none of that worked... this is so frustrating, I would of thought restoring the laptop to factory defaults would of sorted out the problem... It makes me think its something to do with the bios! But I have tried different versions and still nothing.

I was going to put a different HDD in and install a copy of windows vista to see what happens... worth a shot I guess and if it works then at least I know its something on the HDD!?!?

Thanks for your help, if you have any more info please let me know!!

Cheers, Lee

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