Acer 5730 Blue Screen of Death

  terrym 22:47 25 Oct 2013

My wife’s Acer 5730 laptop operating Windows 7 won’t boot up beyond blue screen, absolute zero happening, After some time got an error STATUS: 0xc000000e

Think laptop went into hibernation at some point and didn’t wake on next usage and was forced to shut down in attempt to get it restarted. Cant' get it to reboot in safe mode. We have no boot up disk.
Is there any repair softaware etc that can be downloaded via another pc and used via a disk or usb.?

Thanks in advance.

  chub_tor 11:16 26 Oct 2013

I can't offer an immediate solution but you might want to read through some of these results from Google where similar problems have been discussed at length and some have been resolved.

  terrym 18:58 27 Oct 2013

Tried repeated hitting F8 on start up and after awhile I get a beep sound on each repeated keystroke. I get nowhere need any safe mode launch screen, just remains blank.

Would using a Win7 recovery disk made from a different laptop get me anywhere near back to normal? Would the recovery disk keep the harddrive files safe?

I read that I could use a Symantec Recovery Disk (SRD) but it would remove all data on the target disk in order to prepare it for the restore as it recreates the system partitions. I want to keep all current file data safe but SRD route sounds like I'll loose all.

  chub_tor 19:22 27 Oct 2013

Sorry that tapping F8 didn't work, you did try tapping it repeatedly at least once per second as soon as you booted up didn't you?

First, you can't use the Recovery Disk from a different computer (unless it is the exact make and model with exactly the same devices installed) because the Recovery Disk includes drivers and they won't be appropriate for your computer and the installation will fail.

However if you can get hold of a Windows 7 disc that is the same as the one you have installed ie 32/64bit, Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate AND you have a Windows COA sticker on the bottom of your laptop with a complete number then you might be able to re-install Windows. You will have to make sure that your laptop's BIOS is set to boot from CD/DVD first before the Hard Drive and sometimes this shows on the boot screen before the BIOS screen comes up.

You will run the risk of losing all the data so personally what I would do is to take the Hard Drive out of the laptop, put it in a USB external caddy, plug that into a different PC and copy over all the User Files so that you keep all your music, videos, documents, pictures etc. Once these are safe you can put your hard drive back into the laptop and try some recovery options.

Your laptop should have a recovery partition that is accessed by hitting Alt+F10 during boot up. Have you tried that - again you will lose you data but it might get you going again and as I explained before if you save all your data then this would not be a problem.

  lotvic 11:38 28 Oct 2013

You can download the .iso W7 and burn to dvd with ImgBurn or similar from the link on click here these are the official microsoft digitalriver download links, scroll down the page to the English USA versions.

  terrym 13:09 28 Oct 2013

Thanks Chub_tor and Lotvic both have have food for thought.
With putting the laptop H/Drive in a USB external caddy, is this a similar device to my Maxtor external drive that I use with my PC? Assume I swap out the drives and copy laptop files out to the PC and then finish off doing the Win 7 re-install with the H/Drive back in using the .iso W7 and reactivate with the product key.

  lotvic 16:45 28 Oct 2013

Yes you assume correctly :) you put your old harddrive in the caddy and plug it into another pc and copy your data off it.

When you reinstall W7 don't forget you will need the chipset/motherboard Drivers from the Acer support website click here

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