Accidentally deleted my computer's hard drive !!

  ZariouhX 00:16 28 Apr 2018

Hi! I wanted to reinstall windows without losing data . so i followed a tutorial on youtube, which got me to diskpart and i accidentally ran clean disk 0 command ,and i ended up losing all my data and the windows os, I need to restore the drive is there any way i could do it,pleade help

  wee eddie 02:18 28 Apr 2018

First thing. Don't turn it on

  ZariouhX 08:38 28 Apr 2018

Thanks for replying, can you tell me what to do next?

  Jollyjohn 11:02 28 Apr 2018

Download Testdisk - click here onto a different PC

Connect your hard drive using to that PC and run Testdisk. Will take a while to scan the disk, possibly overnight.

  ZariouhX 11:29 28 Apr 2018

Okay , thank you! ,I'll try

  ZariouhX 12:14 28 Apr 2018

Hi! I wasn't at home this morning,So when I got there i found that my brother installed a new windows OS on the hard drive , Do you think there is still a chance to get some of the filles back, I mean should I try what you told me to do? , or I should just forget about them´┐Ż/p>

  Jollyjohn 12:40 28 Apr 2018

You could try running Testdisk but be prepared for it to take a long time and it may not recover the files you want since new data has now been written to the drive.

  ZariouhX 13:07 28 Apr 2018

Okay, Thanks a lot!!

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