accessing tiscali emails through windows live

  phillnval 09:34 16 Dec 2011

I have recently aquired a new computer with Windows 7. I have email accounts with Tiscali and I access these through Windows Live Mail as Windows 7 doesnt work with Outlook Express. I have set up Windows live and am receiving and sending emails from Tiscali via my Hotmail address with no problems but when the messages are downloaded onto my computer through hotmail they still remain in my inbox on the server at Tiscali. This results in my Tiscali inbox gradually filling up so I have to log into Tiscali at regular intervals and empty it. Is there a way of automatically deleting the emails from my Tiscali inbox once I have downloaded them to the computer via my hotmail address. Or have I got the set up wrong? Thanks Phil

  chub_tor 11:23 16 Dec 2011

Open up Windows Live Mail, Click on the top left tab triangle to show the drop down menu starting with File, scroll down and click on Options, click on @Email, Higlight the Tiscali account and then click on Properties, Click on the Advance Tab, under Delivery untick the box Leave a copy of the message on the server.

  phillnval 17:13 16 Dec 2011

thanks chub_tor... I have previously done that with no change. The emails keep stacking up in the tiscali inbox... when I open live mail and click on the top left triangle I cant see "File" in the menu. It shows New, Save , Print, Import messages, Export mail, Options, About, Exit.Thanks for the interest. I have tried Tiscali but I may as well talk to the wall... All my emails from my three tiscali addresses download to the inbox on Windows Live Mail. When I reply to any emails the address shown to people who receive them is my hotmail address..Does that sound right?Thanks

  chub_tor 19:10 16 Dec 2011

Sorry, you are right about the top item in the menu being New and not File, but Options is the one you should click on followed [email protected] etc. If you have 3 Tiscali addresses you will need to repeat the untick box exercise for each of them.

In Windows Live Mail you can choose if you want to reply from your Hotmail address or from your Tiscali address when you go to the mail box for sending an email. Just to the right of the To box where you enter the address you are sending to there should be a From box showing the address you are sending from. In the right of the box is a small black triangle and if you click on that you should see all your email addresses, just click on the one you wish to send from.

  phillnval 19:44 16 Dec 2011

thanks .

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