Access denied - insuffient rights??

  Fay2 23:15 23 Sep 2010

I'm trying to install software I had on my previous computer which was XP ... I've been with Vista for over a year but still sometimes have trouble with Administrator rights when try ing to install software.

'To install software you must have administrator rights. Please log in as Adminstrator and install again'

I've right clicked on Command Prompt - run as administator - then i've typed 'net user administator/active:yes


then four lines of typing which means absolutely nothing to me.

I know I probably sound as though I know what I'm doing but I'm just feeling my way through it
Please can somebody help....

  mooly 08:39 24 Sep 2010

Well it sounds to me like you are not logged on as an admimistrator... have you more than one user account set up ?

click here

I use Vista and just have one account... mine... which is admin.

Can't really think of anything else.

  mooly 08:45 24 Sep 2010

Try and create admin account like this,
click here

  Fay2 22:35 24 Sep 2010

thanks 124 but when I get the 'Black screen' up that's when I'm lost......I do understand that I have to disable it afterwards but I'm having problems 'able-ing it ' as I'm already the administrator, I'm beginning to think maybe it'e the disc that's the problem.

Thanks mooly... sorry I forgot to say that I'm the only person using the PC .. I'm down as administrator... but my name comes first ..then Admin. underneath....I've just clicked on your link and that looks good... I'll try that tomorrow....tired tonight...late night...will let you know how it goes....that 'black screen' frightens me a bit ...need to be more awake.
Thanks both

  Fay2 14:34 26 Sep 2010

Hi again,

Mooly, can you tell me what I'm doing wrong please...

After I put 'net user administrator/active:yes'

I get

(username (password 1 x)(options))(/Domain)
username (password 1 x)/ADD(options)(Domain)
username (/DELETE) (DOMAIN)
username (TIMES:(times 1 ALL)

Think I'd better abort the idea of installing this particular software ...don't you? By the way it's Pinnacle, the video editing software, which I've found great in the past.

As I already only have one account ... I'm a bit frightened that if I manage to get in as Administrator (which I already am)I wont be able to get in to change it back to where it was.

Thanks all for you time..

  mooly 19:07 26 Sep 2010

Hi Fay,
I'll have a think but nothing really comes to mind. It's not an issue I have ever come up against tbh.

The Vista forums seems to get overlooked on here... it might be worth asking again in the helproom... or ask the forum editor (FE) if this could be moved over.

  Fay2 22:51 28 Sep 2010

Thanks 124 ..I was just going to come back on as I found an easier way I see it was your way ...right cicking on the Setup file.

It installed .... the only problem was some files or drivers were missing.... Pinnacle worked but my computer was in a real mess with windows repeatedly opening until I had to restore my drive to get the whole thing off.

I just wondering if it was not meant for Vista only '98.
Never mind it did install...
Thanks very much to you both for your help.

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