Abrupt shutdown of laptop. Fan still on.

  unlucky_ducky 10:36 17 Jun 2017

I have a lenovo G400. The display goes off abruptly anytime and doesnt come back again.there is no keyboard response or sound after that.the fan is still on though. I have no idea whats wrong. HELPPPP!!!!!!

  wee eddie 11:49 17 Jun 2017

Have you ever tried cleaning the ducts of fluff and dust?

  unlucky_ducky 11:55 17 Jun 2017

@wee i have done general cleaning but not very detailed. Can that be the cause? Dust?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:21 17 Jun 2017

Does sound like overheat

you may need to open it up and check fan and cpu is clear of fluff and dust click here

  unlucky_ducky 02:58 18 Jun 2017

@Fruit Bat, i will surely do that now!!

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