8bf files suddenly have no icon

  wescliff 12:04 18 Oct 2018

Just noticed it, all (and I have a few) are now just blank white pages. As they are not programs I don't see how I can get anything back. .8bf is not listed in File types within Default Apps, So I can't use that. Have tried to change it in a files properties using Pick an application/change but nothing happens. They all still work ok of course. Really only cosmetic, but they look nicer with an icon. Grateful for any advice.

  wiganken2 12:20 19 Oct 2018

Sometimes icons reappear without any user input. Why they disappear and reappear I do not know but it happened to me only a week ago. Sorry can't be more help.

  wiganken2 12:23 19 Oct 2018

I should have added that in my case the icon was on a desktop shortcut to an exe file and when I looked at the file itself the icon was missing there too. After a few days it reappeared.

  MJS WARLORD 14:29 20 Oct 2018

as wigan has said this happens sometimes without any reason , most of the time it corrects itself , could try right click icon then on properties you have option to change icon , you might be able to re apply the one you want.

  wescliff 19:07 20 Oct 2018

Thanks for the replies but these files are not applications or shortcuts so the icon cannot be changed. I have managed to get the file type to appear in Default Programs by adding it using Index Services, but Windows still won't let me associate it. My guess is that something I removed took the information with it. Hopefully something else will put it back.

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