8.1 update has generated 2xduplicate versions of everything in Documents!

  JoshAppignanesi 13:07 13 Dec 2014

I updated to Win 8.1 against my will (stupid clock of death) and guess what, it's a disaster.

My Documents folder which in Windows 8 was assigned to a library and held in the D: rather than C: partition, appeared to have disappeared - 8.1 had created a fresh (empty) Documents master folder, and reassigned my actual folder to D:Documents. It's done the same with pictures videos etc which i had all assigned to D to create space.

That would be bad enough as I have no idea how to reassign them.

But - this is REALLY ANNOYING - inside my D:documents folder - i have NO IDEA why - it has created 2x copies of every single file (word files etc) and called one of them filename-1 and the other "filename -josh" i.e. my name.

Not only has this stuffed up my folder with pointless copies, but what's worse is that the original file doesn't work - "an unexpected error" occurs when you try to open it. Turns out in properties that "size on disk" is only 4K for all these files -there's nothing there - and they were created the day of the update. WEIRD. The other copies - "-1" and "-josh" - work OK and have retained the correct date of their original creation.

TOTALLY ANNOYED. What do I do? No obvious way to revert. We're talking 1000s of files, there's no obvious way to filter them for mass deletion either. I HATE MICROSOFT SO MUCH FOR FORCING MY PERFECTLY OK SYSTEM TO DO THIS. I am now faced with days of work to sort this out and still won't trust my system.

Please can anyone help? Some research suggests ONeDrive has a role here but I can't see what. At least new files (i've tested this) don't seem to autogenearte duplicates... Thanks.

  Forum Editor 13:28 13 Dec 2014

"....there's no obvious way to filter them for mass deletion either."

Take a look at this.

  HenryF75 09:24 14 Dec 2014

You probably do not have duplicates, only links to the documents folder in your D: drive. The handling of common folders in win 8.1 is fairly complicated. The links can appera in file explorer under My PC (or Computer) and also in libraries if they are not hidden. To help you understand a little better I am including links to some informative web pages. If you google something like "documents folder location" you will get plenty more advice. [click 1[click2 [click 3

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