8 another Vista?

  rdave13 23:05 05 May 2012

New Must-Know Facts here.

Dolby available- hmm OK.

No DVD playback in WMP... why?

Windows Media Center goes to pay for use... no cash for them there then.

Family Safety goes back to Vista style.

Explorer only available to desktops.

I'm sure I'm missing something but if you pay a lot of hard cash for a new OS you expect it to be an all singing and all dancing type which gives the buyer at least the basics of running a PC whether desktop or tablet.

Do Microsoft understand their customers I wonder?

  aquatarkus 06:54 06 May 2012

Not sure what Microsoft are thinking, but would have thought that it would be better to allow the home version of windows 8 to be able to use Media Center the pro version of windows 8 has Bit Locker, domain account etc, not normally used by the home user.

rumors seem to indicate that they want to charge around the £99 mark for the Media Center download, unless there are some significant changes to MediaCenter in Windows 8 can't really see anyone bothering

I know most people don't use MediaCenter, in fact most probably don't know what it is but those of us that have a HTPC (Home Theatre PC)use it. I have demonstrated it to friends when they come round and they never realised what it could do untill they ask "how are you doing that on your TV"

I have had a play with the current public beta and don't think i'll be changing from Windows 7 to Windows 8 any any of my 5 pc's or 2 laptops. Starting to think that yes this could be another Vista

Regards Aquatarkus

  sharpamat 07:03 06 May 2012

More news posted today restricted access to domains and remote desktop removed, can only assume win * is soley a method to increase sale of Win 7

  morddwyd 10:30 06 May 2012

The thought hadn't come to me, but I think you may have something.

I only used vista once, pre-installed on a new laptop, and I soon got rid of it in favour of a retail copy of XP that I had (still-have!)

On the other hand I embraced 7 from day one of the RC, and installed retail copies as soon as they were available on my four computers

  mooly 12:48 06 May 2012

Having to pay to get media player is a joke.

Currently I am waiting to see how things pan out. I've run the W8 CP and it doesn't meet my needs in many ways.

W7 (and I know you all love it), is just not as customisable as Vista when working with lots of folders. W8 is worse than either on that score. MS have esentially confirmed via their forums that what I do with Vista I can not do with W8.

So the plan thus far for me is to wait and see what the RTM version is like, see if manufacturers offer a "free" W7 to W8 upgrade option as the time nears and seriously consider getting a (now ridiculously cheap) Vista Ultimate Disc to use with a new Laptop.

MS... I hope you are taking note !!!

  canarieslover 14:46 06 May 2012


I fully agree with you that Vista was much better for working with lots of folders. Win 7 seems better in as much as it appears to run with less memory and resource restraints but Win 8 takes the 'You must do things our way' attitude of Microsoft to new levels. I have been trying with the release candidate since it came out but find myself reverting to Win 7 for everything of a serious nature. I reckon Win 8 is going to be a great boon to developers who can put a better face on the front of it and a good replacement for Windows Explorer. At the moment I really can't see me adopting Win 8 as my main O.S. unless there are major changes in look/feel in the final release, and I can't see that happening. As for paying extra foe Media Centre they can go take a hike!! Again I think it will be another area where developers may find an outlet for their talents, at Microsoft's expense.

  dms_05 09:55 07 May 2012

Morrdwyd - almost exactly the same experience as mine. W7 is the best OS Microsoft have produced and W8 seems to be of no advantage to me. In fact W8 has several serious drawbacks and I won't be using it at all.

Just for fun I've reloaded Vista on to an HDD and I'm using it now. If I rate my preference for Microsoft OS then it would be W7 > Vista > W8. I never thought I'd actually praise Vista but coming back to it from years of W7 use then it's not that bad!

I'm sure many have said that W7 is the new XP. It will go on and on until MS discontinue support. W8 might be Ok on a phone but will Nokia/MS sell as many phones as they need to make W8 important in the laptop/desktop segment? I doubt it.

  mooly 11:20 07 May 2012

canarieslover and dms_05,

This is what I haven't been able to do in W7 and W8 is even worse. What good is the Metro interface for this kind of stuff too ?


and, https://skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?cid=7d18359a92c1f99f&resid=7D18359A92C1F99F!143&parid=7D18359A92C1F99F!139&authkey=!ANJqILOLmbwDknM

W7 does at least allow custom icons to be allocated, W8 does too but a disc clean up wipes all the custom allocation settings. What good is that MS ? Vista just rebuilds them automatically after any cleanups. W7 and W8 don't allow random placing of folders.

Once you have all the updates and service packs for Vista it's excellent.

  sharpamat 14:14 07 May 2012

I have not seen any proposed charges for WMC in Win 8, but I myself do use it.

For me Win 8 will not be an option even if there was no charge for it. I will look at the RC but do wonder ifs it worth the download and installation time

My rateings would be XP,Win 7, Then Vista.As for Win 8 I would rate it below ME based on what I have seen and tryed

  rdave13 19:27 07 May 2012

Window 8 should be coming out sometime this autumn I believe. I wonder if someone who'll be brave enough to buy the desktop version would be kind enough to post comments, good or bad, about it. So far I'm not as impressed with what I read about it as I was with the pre-release comments with Win 7.

As for my ratings it would have to be Win 7, XP then Vista.

  charliestumpy 10:40 15 May 2012

I agree.

We use XP happily on 2001 m/c, 2003 m/c, Vista 'hum-hum' on 2007 lappie and 7 32 and 64 bit versions (need both for old progs-new progs) on whizzo 2010 desktop.

As someone who has used and bought properly ALL MS since 1994, I shall not use 8.

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