61 Tips and tricksfor Vista

  rawprawn 14:38 07 Jul 2007
  crosstrainer 14:41 07 Jul 2007

A few of these tweaks as well, removing the shortcut arrow...things like that.

It will be nice when Microsoft release all these tweaks in a powertoys package as in XP.

  rawprawn 15:03 07 Jul 2007

Agreed, I look forward to that.

  J B 18:38 07 Jul 2007

noted and filed, thanks. J.B.

  anskyber 19:21 07 Jul 2007

Tip 61 is particularly satisfying, "Eliminate blocked start up notification"

a less complete site but also useful with info is click here

  sunny staines 10:50 31 Mar 2008

moving to vista shortly and have saved the links to read trough. thanks.

would welcome any other useful links.

  rawprawn 16:28 31 Mar 2008

Good afternoon. You may be interested in this click here

  Peter 17:16 31 Mar 2008

Noted for future reference. Thanks rawprawn.

  anskyber 17:30 31 Mar 2008

Natuarlly PCA has it all (!) but it's good to look around as well, this site click here has some useful tricks as well as other updates.

  sunny staines 17:44 31 Mar 2008

rawprawn / anskybar

picked these two up earlier today when i trawler through the last 30 pages of pca vista forum.


[will probably have problems when i install it in the next week or too]

  rawprawn 17:48 31 Mar 2008

Ooops I have NVIDIA
NVIDIA drivers were the cause of over 479,000 crashes, or just under 29 percent of all the crashes Microsoft logged

Hey Ho, it's all part of the game. From my point of view, no problem at all.

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