500GB SSD fitted only, now want to add HDD

  PhillyG76 05:21 03 Mar 2019

Hi, I’ve just started building a new desktop PC, consisting of Intel 9600K CPU, Asus Z370-G Mo’Board, 16GB Corsair vengeance LPX 3000MHZ and one 512GB Samsung 970 Pro SSD. Apart from Windows 10, all I have on the SSD, is free antivirus, all the latest drivers for board. CCleaner and few utility apps like Intel Driver Update and Asus fast USB charge. I know that if I plan on installing more games, I need more storage so am thinking of adding a Western Digital Black 4tb HDD. But apart from keeping Windows and the Drivers on the SSD for faster running , what else would you say I should try and keep on the SSD? Obviously if I keep Forza on there, it will load much quicker, so I’m thinking of installing new games on the HDD and ones that I’ll play regularly move to the SSD, and games on the SSD that I stop playing regularly move to the HDD. Is this the right idea? If not, what should I do? Music files I’ll keep on the HDD, as I’ve never experienced problems playing a MP3 track due to a slow performing drive, but did have a problem with a 1080p stuttering a little, which I think was due to the HDD being quite full and little fragmented. But if I load an app/game or anything from the HDD, but in order for that to run, It requires a windows file off the SSD, will the two drives work in Tandem ok? I have no knowledge of running multiple drives and know nothing about RAID (I don’t feel confident in trying to read up on it, it seems complicated!)

Again (I’ve been asking a lot of questions, but that’s why I love being online), many thanks for any advice received. And I’ve already tried returning the favour, although I couldn’t provide a definite solution, hopefully I’ve helped this person know how to get advice from component manufacturers and a few free things that may work. Right I really should try and sleep. Have great weekend all

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:49 03 Mar 2019

The majority of programs and apps will run perfectly well off a HDD. Unless you wan real speed then install to the SSD.

I'm running windows from a 128 SSD and have 3 small(by todays standards) HDDs, all my data (user files) stored on the !st HDD, work files on a second and films on a third, no Raid required as I back up images to external drives for safe keeping.

Raid is used for redundency spreading files across drives to help prevent loss in case of drive failure.

Just add your drive, initial and format is required and maybe split into partitions if required using disk management.

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