Is a 5 year old laptop worth buying?

  Sealand1 23:50 19 Aug 2018

I am considering buying a fairly cheap laptop it has 6gb ram and looks decent but it is aprok 5 years old is it worth buying or will it just die with in a few months

  wee eddie 00:26 20 Aug 2018

Who knows. What are its specifications. What OS.

There are plenty of 5yo Lappies doing good work, but don't expect it to play games.

You have little idea of how it has been used and it will have no, enforceable, warranty

  Forum Editor 09:38 20 Aug 2018

"....will it just die with in a few months"

Probably not, but there's no way you can be sure. A lot depends on the use this machine has had. Modern laptops are generally pretty well made, and will go on working for a long time. The hard drive is probably the most vulnerable component, but a replacement would not be unduly expensive.

  Sealand1 11:33 20 Aug 2018

The laptop is a Dell m5040 . It has 6gb of ram and a c-60 processer. It was £60. Is that a good laptop. Can it run games. The game I have in mind is Garry's mod.

  wee eddie 14:44 20 Aug 2018

Short on Recommended RAM, may be short on Dedicated Graphics, and looks expensive (Currently available on eBay cheaper)

  Sealand1 17:30 20 Aug 2018

Is the processer good enough .my previous laptop had 6gb ram and ran ok. If you can find it cheaper pleases send me the link to it

  ervin maitim 08:29 24 Aug 2018

NO. unless it has a new hard drive. A hard drive has it own life span.

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