From 32bit to 64 Bit

  Shalimar 15:16 12 Nov 2009

I have just installed Windows 7 using the 32 bit disc onto my Dell XPS 420 with a 3.00GH Intel Core Duo.I have now found out that the CPU is 64 bit ready.
Does this mean that my system will run with the 64 bit version of Windows 7?.If so can I unload the 32 bit version and load up the 64 bit even though the the 32 bit has been activated?
I would appreciate your comments.

  Zeppelyn 15:37 12 Nov 2009

Yes but check that 64 bit drivers are available for components and peripherals first.

  Shalimar 19:20 12 Nov 2009

Many thanks Zeppelyn for your quick reply. i will do as you suggest and take it from there.

  havencroft 15:22 14 Nov 2009

I have done that very thing with win 7 but have now gone back to 32 bit as I have some older 16 bit apps that the 64 bit will not run. But I have also activated both with MS.

  pjwheeldon 14:39 20 Nov 2009

I installed the W7 64 bit version first and found that it worked OK with a couple of exceptions. Only major annoyance was flash does not have a compatible version for 64 bit available yet, so online use was effected.

However, it would only recognise 1 of my 3 additional internal HDDs. After much messing about I tried installing the 32 bit version and immediatly got all the drives available.

Since then have not noticed any differnce in speed between 64 & 32 bit, the two bits of software which did not like 64 bit now work fine in 32 bit and flash is enabled. I would not bother changing it again.

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