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3 Monitor set up with boot up problem on Nvidea 770 graphics card

  anniesboy68 12:15 09 May 2014

I am using three monitors numbered from left 3 1 2. Number 1 monitor is the primary monitor where all the icons are and work carried out. However, when the computer boots up it shows the starting screen om monitor 3, and if going into safe mode monitor three is used. Has anyone any idea what this small problem could be, and how to rectify it, please.AB68

  anniesboy68 14:09 09 May 2014

Hi MeckKB.....cannot do that as the inputs to the monitors are different. Its not a real problem, I will have to live with it for now. I will look to see if there is an adapter i.e DVI to VGA [I think thats what it is]. Can you confirm???please. AB

  anniesboy68 14:53 09 May 2014

Yes, thanks. Have found one divfemale to vga male adapter £1.78 inc postage

  anniesboy68 14:53 09 May 2014

should read dvi female to vga male

  anniesboy68 14:58 09 May 2014

Whoops, the postage is £6.90 or so. Will look elsewhere

  Secret-Squirrel 16:13 09 May 2014

Sorry to butt in chaps but it may be worth mentioning that you can only convert DVI-I to VGA with a simple adapter. If you've got a DVI-D port then the adapter won't fit and neither can it work.

  anniesboy68 17:24 09 May 2014

DVI-D DVI MALE 24+1PIN TO VGA FEMALE SVGA 15PIN VIDEO MONITOR ADAPTER CONVERTER. This what I have found I want to connect a male DVI lead to female VGA port on the monitor

  anniesboy68 17:26 09 May 2014

click here is the link


  Secret-Squirrel 18:11 09 May 2014


DVI-D (digital) is digital-only and VGA is analogue-only so that simple adapter can never work. DVI-I (integrated) on the other hand outputs digital and analogue signals so that type of adapter would work.

I think it's criminal that these adapters are on sale with the implication that you can simply connect a VGA monitor to a DVI-D port and it'll work. The only way to do this is with a converter that costs a lot more so don't waste your time and money on this device. Have a look here and here at the reviews from disgruntled Amazon customers who'd had the misfortune to buy a similar adapter.

  anniesboy68 09:48 10 May 2014

Ok, thanks chaps. Will continue as it is. Its not really a problem. I did swap monitors 3 and 1 physically so it read 1 3 2. The problem then was that the mouse would not cross over. Never mind I will live with it. Thanks again for your inputs.

  anniesboy68 12:22 10 May 2014

MechKB............Thanks will look in due course AB68

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