2 OS on boot up

  harps1h 21:01 18 Jan 2010

i had to repair windows 7 but since i done it at boot up it gives a choice of windows 7 or "your old OS". it is defaulted to the windows 7 which is what i want, but how do i get rid of the other OS listing. if i am not at my keyboard to click forward it countsdown 20 secs, adding a considerable time to boot up.

any ideas?

  audeal 21:21 18 Jan 2010

You can bypass this countdown by following this info.

Open up Control Panel > System > in the left panel click on "Advanced System Settings". In "Startup and Recovery" click on "Settings". In "System Startup" select the OS you want to start Up as default, then remove the tick from the box below.

An alternative at this point is to reduce the time in the "Seconds" box.

This does not remove the old OS but does give you a way to bypass the countdown.

Others may be able to help you to remove the OS.

  seefuu1 10:37 19 Jan 2010

click on start ,then in the search box ,type msconfig ,click the result,now click the "boot" tab and i think you should have a choice of two operating systems!

Now make sure you delete the old one,not the one which boots correctly,in your case it should be easy to tell which is which .

  seefuu1 10:44 19 Jan 2010

And if i remember correctly,tick the box that states "Make all boot settings permanent",then just click "ok" and follow the next step that pops up!

  seefuu1 10:47 19 Jan 2010

Restart when it gives you the choice.

  harps1h 20:13 21 Jan 2010

whenever you go to the boot tab in the msconfig, the only os showing is the new installation. if i look at the diskmanagement there is only on partition as well.

  seefuu1 21:37 22 Jan 2010

It looks like you will need a piece of free software called easyBCD2.0 beta ,you'll end up finding it at the developers site easy enough,you'll have to register though.

It's the main boot management software that the windows 7 forums staff will tell you to get,i had to, to remove the exact problem you are having .

When you start it,select "ADD/REMOVE ENTRIES ",you will then be shown two entries,windows 7 and then underneath that will be "your old Os".Just highlight the one you want to delete and press the big red X named delete.

Then just click the "save" to the right and that's it !

Easy as 1 2 3.

click here direct link to easyBCD 2.0 beta

  KremmenUK 15:13 27 Jan 2010

Not got Win7 yet (tomorrow) but if it still has a boot.ini file check in there.

If it's the same as XP then there will likely be a duplicate line that needs taking out.

  seefuu1 13:42 28 Jan 2010

W7 has no .ini file,instead it has a folder called Boot with the required files and a file called bootmgr.

  harps1h 18:28 28 Jan 2010

bcd worked a treat and the duplicate os is gone.
now thats done i would like a dual boot system and if i create a partition using the disk management tool in windows 7 it shows up ok and allow me to five the partition a letter. however when i go to install the xp it doesn't recognise the partition and comes with a sys file error. any suggestions

  Technocrate 10:56 26 Feb 2010

right click on my computer, select properties
-move to the advanced tab
-under ’startup and recovery’ select settings
-in the new dialog box you have a couple of options:
-if you wish to leave DOS on the machine, but not see the option screen you can simply set the ‘time to display list of operating systems:’ to 0 as winXP should now be ur default OS
-if the removal of dos is your goal, then click edit
-first save a copy of the notepad file which opens ‘boot.ini’ just incase you make a mistake
-now there will be a lines similar to:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS=”Microsoft Windows XP Professional” /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn

*There will also be a line for dos here under [operating systems] something like ‘multi(1)disk(0)partition(#)…..’
-check that your default line points to XP, as it does above
-now erase the line with the other OS, in this case DOS 7.1 ie. ‘multi(1)’ NOTE *the entire line may be more than one line in notepad*
-save the file
-then you are free to erase the folder associated with the erased OS NOTE *if a mistake was made, you may wish to do this as the last step*
-reboot your system and its done.

-upon any mistakes load into either DOS or XP, etc which ever is easiest (or still remaining on your system)
-copy the old boot.ini over the modified one, and try again
-good luck

This is a follow up recipe to the installation of XP on a laptop without a floppy/cd drive:

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