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1903 Windows 10 roll out.

  john bunyan 09:32 04 Jun 2019

I do not rush to install these big updates and am content to wait until they are routinely offered. Has anyone not on an insider programme or not installed it manually, been updated via the normal route?

  Flak999 10:04 14 Jun 2019

Installed first time with no problem for me on my desk top. Can't really see what the differences are, all seem cosmetic really!

  Gordon Freeman 10:13 14 Jun 2019

There's one issue with this 1903 update which I've noticed (because I use it) & that's the 'night light' function. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. Temporary measure, if it isn't working, is to restart, then it comes back on. Apparently it's a known issue (also reported on the web) which I guess MS will deal with via a further cumulative update in the near future.

  john bunyan 10:14 14 Jun 2019

I agree; haven’t noticed any big changes.

  x13 12:10 14 Jun 2019

If you run Win 10 pro the sandbox feature could be useful but I don't understand why Microsoft doesn't allow Home users to have it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:12 14 Jun 2019

Just installed the update 2hrs from starting download to desktop up with new version.

Noticed all my privacy settings are reset to windows defaults and system restore is off.

  john bunyan 17:49 14 Jun 2019

My system restore was on, unusual after such a version change. Odd that different installations behave in inconsistent ways.

  rickf 20:24 14 Jun 2019

Came through this afternoon. Downloaded and installed w/o any problems. Haven't look for any changes yet but everything seems to be working as should. Now starting to download and and install on my other 3.

  john bunyan 20:34 14 Jun 2019

I do a Macrium Image before update , so saved over 30 gig on each PC by removing windows.old folder after update installed

  Menzie 22:31 14 Jun 2019

Mine updated last night, no issues as yet. I've had programs removed in past updates.

All appears well so far.

  rickf 11:19 15 Jun 2019

Strange that the update removed my Chrome browser completely in 2 of my computers after the update. It's a bit of a pain to have to download Chrome again and setting it up.

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