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1903 update altered a few things

  martd7 20:10 20 Jul 2019


The latest update reset my Soundcard settings,removed all the restore points,removed the 3 excluded files in Windows Security,changed the Windows background to Black

More annoyed about the restore points than anything else Anyone had same?

  john bunyan 07:33 21 Jul 2019

Yes. Restore points removed on every major update. I usually make a Macrium image before such updates, and indeed use it weekly or so to a usb hd in lieu of restore points. Always ensure restore points settings are on after updates as sometimes they are turned off by the update. Why would you want to use a restore point from the old version? You can roll back to it for up to 30 days via windows.old if you really want. I don’t like OneDrive being installed by default on new version and loss of Homegroups

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:06 21 Jul 2019

and quite often restore is switched off.

JB I think Rollback is now 10 days

  martd7 12:45 21 Jul 2019


I do have an external drive I use for back up I just like to keep a restore point

Took me an hour to sort the status bar it was a grey colour along with the apps menu after the update

On my Windows security there is now in red next to cloud submission something like " this program is controlled by admin" ?

Grumpy old man - Not noticed what you're describing

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