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16Gb or 32 GB of pc Ram which preferred

  relindwto6 16:50 07 Jul 2020

Hey I currently have 8Gb of Ram and it's nearly always maxed out while playing a game and having like chrome,discord or other stuff open so I want to upgrade. I just want to know if I should get 16 GB or go for 32 GB. I don't really do anything besides playing video games.

Btw I only have 2 Ram slots so I can't just put 2 more 4 GB sticks in and I have a Ryzen 5 1600 processor.

  wee eddie 17:36 07 Jul 2020

We'll need to know what your MOBO is and how much RAM it can take.

However, if you visit Crucial, or Kingston's, Website and run their Checker, it will tell you what is possible.

  alanrwood 18:39 07 Jul 2020

I don't think there are any major benefits over 16GB anyway but you certainly need to check out the motherboard maximum memory capacity

  The Kestrel 10:16 08 Jul 2020

Link to the crucial memory scanner, which is the one I always use click here

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