100% Disk Usage!! PLEASE HELP!!

  nannyog 11:51 08 Sep 2018

My disk usage is 100% all the time making it impossible to play games or do anything really. I had this problem previously on Windows 8.1 and recently upgraded to Windows 10 and still have the problem but it's worse now. I thought i had a virus so got avast pro and ran all sorts of tests and cleaned up my PC but nothing has worked!!

  AroundAgain 19:46 08 Sep 2018

Have you got some updates downloading, or installing? Is an update failing to install, perhaps, and your computer continuing to try to install it?

  john bunyan 20:09 08 Sep 2018

What is your theoretical disc size? How many restore points?

  christinebelle 03:06 12 Sep 2018

Full Disk usage can caused by many ways, and here is an article can help you to fix it: click here

  john bunyan 18:58 12 Sep 2018

Another first time poster with no feedback

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