superhoops 08:29 20 Sep 2008

This may be old news, excuse me if it is. I found out recently about a program that enables you to watch BBC1 2, 3,,4 ITV1, Channel 4 and several others on your pc/laptop with no need for a tuner card or aerial. Tried it out last night and works sensationally, very good picture and sound. Can now watch tv anywhere round the house, brilliant!
click here

  Bingalau 08:50 20 Sep 2008

superhoops. Duly noted and in my favourites, I will wait a while and see if anybody else has opinions about it, before using it.

  jack 09:05 20 Sep 2008

Like Bingalau I'll mark it and wait
For someone else to screw their computer finding out.
Me thinks if they try and screw up- they wont be able to tell us - will they ;-}

  egapup 10:27 20 Sep 2008

I got it free on a rivals cover-disk, it's a good quality picture but could do with more channels.

  peter99co 11:09 20 Sep 2008

Google Zattoo.

Lot of info re Grey Area.

  Forum Editor 11:11 20 Sep 2008

By using this service you agree to your personal data being passed to third-party companies who will use it to send you advertising.

You agree to other people's computers being given access to yours.

You agree to this:

"it is the User’s sole responsibility to examine whether the use of the Services requires any authorization from or registration with any state or other authority, whether any fees for the receipt of TV programs or other broadcasting formats apply or whether any copyright royalties are due. User acknowledges and agrees that he or she will comply with such obligations at all times."

  Si_L 11:17 20 Sep 2008

Just downloaded it. Its quite good, the quality is good, but it doesn't have all the freeview channels. Its missing most of them actually, but its got the 5 usual suspects in there. Could do with Dave and Sky Sports News.

  peter99co 11:23 20 Sep 2008

Any device capable of receiving BBC or TV in General has to be licenced. Even a freeview receiver needs a licence.

Would a user infringe the rules about Performing Rights? Even a simple Radio in a Workshop needs a Licence (re performing rights)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:26 20 Sep 2008

I think I can leave the PC long enough to watch the very few programs worth seeing on the 5 channels.

  WhiteTruckMan 14:10 20 Sep 2008

1-on the download section they say "We collect all the necessary rights for the retransmission of the channels on Zattoo "

Of course they would, wouldn't they? That doesnt make it true, and if it isn't then I don't know how much protection such a declaration would provide. But if it were true, I wonder how, and from who. Advertisers perhaps?

2-I think (without actually looking it up) that you ont need a tv licence if you are not viewing in real time, hence no licence needed to use the bbc's iPlayer. But I dont know if any delay you would get from viewing online would qualify.

As fourm member said, its a grey area, but if you already have a licence then I wouldnt worry over that aspect of it.

Other things do concern me though....


  Si_L 16:02 20 Sep 2008

I can clarify that this is correct:

"2-I think (without actually looking it up) that you ont need a tv licence if you are not viewing in real time, hence no licence needed to use the bbc's iPlayer."

I asked the exact question to the BBC as to whether I needed a license or not for uni - no TV but iplayer and such. Its ok to not have a license until they start streaming the programs real-time.

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