You've seen it in the sci-fi movie

  carver 09:27 12 Jul 2014

You've seen it in the sci-fi movie where the intelligent bullet follows you now it seems they have one that's stearable well it may not be Runaway (movie) capable but give them chance.

Never fails to amaze me just how much they can spend on weapons to kill each other pity they don't spend as much on cancer or HIV.

  BillSers 10:37 12 Jul 2014

The only problem with new weapon technology is the baddies get hold of it too.

  BillSers 12:11 12 Jul 2014

Well, my definition of a baddy is anyone who wishes me or mine harm. I suppose this simplistic view could be extended to our country.

  SparkyJack 13:44 12 Jul 2014

Nature relys on predation to keep populations of its creatures under control .

At all levels from simple to the most complex ,every organism is predator and predated upon,and evolving ways and means of evading the predator. Until nature got to us.

We are so good at evading being predated upon,we have to predate upon our selves.


  woodchip 20:42 12 Jul 2014

To blame Nature, who do we thank for all the weaklings that survived! It's back to Evolution rubbish. that say only the fit survive

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