On Yourr Bike!

  Pesala 19:57 02 Apr 2007

click here

I hope that Ken Livingstone sees this.

  Joe R 20:32 02 Apr 2007

I would really like to see John Prescott on a bike.)

  Pesala 22:16 02 Apr 2007

I wonder what the air quality is like in Mexico City? Rather hard to breathe while riding a bike I should think. They would need to impose the rule on everyone, not just Govt officials.

I never had any problem riding a bike to work in London, though that was more than thirty years ago.

  riiverstock 22:27 02 Apr 2007

Ride a bike in London?

No thankyou.
It may affect my meditative state of mind,due to dreamlike factors that - "most mental disorders are caused by or related to the use" of bad air!

  wee eddie 08:15 03 Apr 2007

The air quality for Cyclists in the Metropolis is better than that for those in cars.

OK! So it may be smelly when you overtake a Diesel Vehicle, that's a little short on maintenance, but at least it has it's full compliment of Oxygen.

Unlike that of the Car Driver who sits in his own box of Carbon Dioxide, which is refreshed very very slowly.

  Kate B 09:26 03 Apr 2007

wee eddie, can you substantiate that? It seems very counter-intuitive.

  wee eddie 09:37 03 Apr 2007

No, but is it "counter-intuitive".

Examine the Source and Route of the stuff.

Even if a car has "Air Conditioning" it is taking the air from the same source (e.g. the outside) but closer to ground level, and changing it only once every few minutes. This air will include all the impurities that are in that air.

The Cyclist, however, is in the Open Air, which is constantly refreshed and moving. The only potential problem is Particulates are easily removed. Indeed the "Nasal Hair is specifically designed for the task and this can be improved with a simple mask.

  Kate B 09:39 03 Apr 2007

Yeah, but the open air is full of disgusting fumes. Sorry, I hear your reasoning but I don't buy it. Show me some figures ...

  wee eddie 09:47 03 Apr 2007

I have none.

I find it difficult to believe that the Motor Industry would do research on the "Build-up" of CO2 or CO in a Car as it is unlikely to be critical and negative results could prove detrimental to Passenger perception of Car Safety.

  Sapins 09:47 03 Apr 2007

Modern cars have a filter designed to clean the air before it enters the car, i have seen the result of this when my garage changed the filter during a service, the muck was unbelievable. You can, for short periods, stop any outside air from entering the car as well.

  wee eddie 09:49 03 Apr 2007

Could prove interesting.

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