Your worst headache/tight spot......

  herc182 19:40 03 Jan 2005

Hello all, i was just wondering whether we could learn from your mistakes, or just have a good ol laugh.

what has been your worst (or one of) tight spot or problem with a computer? i am sure there are some proper howlers for those of you that work in IT departments, which will make mine look pretty lame....

here is mine (i think!)

HEADACHE= updating my girlfriends sisters laptop to sp2 for windows xp. i wanted to add myself as administrator to her computer but i actually overwrote her account and she lost all her coursework (she had an essay to hand in the following day). she got home, and i broke it to her (actually i blamed the update. whatever, honesty isnt always the best policy). she then stood over me for about an hour and a half to see if i could fix it.

after profuse sweating, many posts on this forum, and half a bottle of southern comfort, i did a system restore (simple answer in the end, but boy did it make me age).

having a little technological know how is a double edged sword, people will love you or hate you.

As a side note, i do a restore point before any changes to a computer. to cover myself, and any scenarios such as this. apart, from saving face, i also had a relationship to save (although if you ask me, i should have hit her over the head with the laptop and asked her to be a little more apprciative of my help. then again i might be said to be a tad unreasonable....)

  Jackcoms 21:08 03 Jan 2005


Bit confused about this.

System Restore only restores/affects system files. How, in this instance, could it also restore coursework (which, I assume, were Word or Excel type files)?

  herc182 21:18 03 Jan 2005

it just removed my account that i created and reinstated hers. i dont think the files were deleted but were just hidden from me. her work was stil on the hdd i just couldnt see them because i had created a different profile. was a very weird problem...

come to think of it i think i was actually installing an AV and firewall.....

  Charence 21:26 03 Jan 2005

I was carrying out an update on a database I made for an organisation. They'd spent a few months updating records it and I decided that I'd take the database to finish off at home because I didn't know how to make address labels at the time. So far so good, I had completed all their improvement requests except one within 1 hour. I'd also answered their questions. I realised that if I was to take the database home, I'd need to remove the password settings and whilst attempting to do so, I'd done something terribly bad to the database. The database wouldn't open, it wouldn't even give me a dialog box to log in, and I couldn't retrieve the data within it using any other method such as importing. In the end, I had to retrieve a version from a backup (luckily I made one when I first made the db) and make the changes I had made earlier. This version had no records and no passwords and still no addressing labels. By then, I had been working for 3 hours. So I then took the database home and the addressing label which was causing so much problem was made in a matter of seconds after posting a topic on PCA.

If I'd had asked about the addressing labels whilst at the office, I may have finished the updates in about a hour, their records would have still been intact and their passwords as well. Oh dear! Here's a message I posted whilst the problem occured. click here


  herc182 21:45 03 Jan 2005

well that is a cause for a tad more stress than some coursework.....

i remember that i was once bored in the office and decided (after reading on PCA) to change the time it takes to show the start menu by modifying a registry value (of all things..the speed of the start menu. i mean how sad). bascially ended up putting too low a value meaning that the menu would appear really fast. anyway, computer didnt like it, and i spent an hour trying to fix it, called the IT department, fixed it in the meantime(via safe mode, by changing the value back) and was pretty claret when the IT rep came up.

still, i killed a few hours at work.....

  steve263000 13:52 06 Jan 2005

I created a file for some personal stuff in work, nothing that would bother anybody, but decided to "password" it so that only I could access it. After doing that, the system said that only the I.T. section could put those types of passwords in. So I decided to take them out, and managed to bugger up most of the work that I had done, and stop the computer working. How I do not know, but I.T. was called, and luckily it was someone I get on well with, so he just fixed it quickly, and said to leave well enough alone. Oh well he was bored anyway......

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