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Is your stuff in the cloud?

  Forum Editor 12:13 21 Oct 2012

Do you use Cloud storage for your files, or are you nervous about the security of your precious data?

This might go some way towards reassuring you or at least prove interesting. Data storage has come a very long way in quite a short time.

  Nontek 13:09 21 Oct 2012

I don't use Cloud, but I have nothing of interest to anybody else anyway - however, if I did have data of interest to others I don't think I would trust Cloud/Google to keep it secure.

I don't think there is in true fact any possible real Security on any PC, if the Pentagon can be hacked into so 'easily' what chance is there for an everyday pleb like me!

  Aitchbee 13:22 21 Oct 2012

All very interesting, but the hi-tec super-duper security at all of these Google Data Security Centers do not protect the 'data' while it is travelling from A to B across the world-wide-web links ... the weakest links?

The data can be intercepted anywhere along these pathways by criminals.

  Forum Editor 13:55 21 Oct 2012

"The data can be intercepted anywhere along these pathways by criminals."

The files travel in an encrypted session when you transfer them from your computer to Google's servers. The risk of interception by 'criminals' really depends on two things - whether you have anything that could remotely interest them, and whether they were able to detect the precise moment that your data upload takes place, amongst all the tens of millions of https sessions that were in progress at any one time.

Transfer sessions aren't the weak link in the process, that distinction is reserved for the data centre itself. The biggest risk is that valuable data will leak in the server centre - someone will gain unauthorised access, or someone who works there will deliberately steal data. To combat this, Google fragments your files and encrypts them - your letter to Auntie Molly, thanking her for the birthday socks will exist in several different parts in several different places.

The Google data centres all have U.S. Federal Government FISMA certifications, which means they have been approved for the storage of US Federal government files.

I think you can take it that storage on these servers is certainly more secure than storage on the PC in your living room.

  Forum Editor 14:01 21 Oct 2012


"if the Pentagon can be hacked into so 'easily' what chance is there for an everyday pleb like me!"

The Pentagon is a big fat juicy target - you are not. The chance of your personal computer being hacked is so small it's not worth worrying about. Cloud storage is really something you use if you travel around and use different computers, or if you want somewhere for your files to be safely backed up. Google guarantees a 99.9% up-time on its servers, and everything is automatically backed up on different units - if one server starts to fail, sensing software automatically moves your data to another machine, and backs up that machine to another one.

  wee eddie 14:03 21 Oct 2012

I am in two minds about Cloud Storage.

I run my life with M$ Outlook and have the program set up to Back-up the .pst file every day. This is then automatically transferred to an On-line Vault Service.

However I have a 3 Copy, Weekly physical Back-up System at Home, because I can't get myself around to trusting the Cloud 100%.

  Forum Editor 14:26 21 Oct 2012

"I can't get myself around to trusting the Cloud 100%."

I'm not sure anyone can, we've all taught ourselves to believe that there's something inherently unsafe in storing our precious files anywhere other than our own computers, and on removable media.

We're right, of course, but then there's something inherently unsafe in being behind the wheel of a car on the M25 on a dark and rainy evening. I do that on a regular basis, because I want to get somewhere, and because I believe I'll be OK.

That's the mind-set that we should apply to Cloud storage - we'll all feel a bit better about it, once we've tried it, and millions of others have tried it, and nothing bad has happened. We're not there yet, but I believe we will be. In a couple of years we'll all be Cloud storing as if we were born to it.

  Ventad 14:54 21 Oct 2012

Didn't Kodak give everybody storage space for photos in the cloud, which I never took up and early this year kept sending out emails to those with a normal account with them to retrieve their photos because they were closing the cloud they were in down. With a statement that if you did not retrieve them you would lose them.

  wee eddie 16:30 21 Oct 2012

FE: I suppose that The Cloud should be just one arm of a Storage/Back-up System.

For me it is the Off-Site part.

The likelihood of my Flat being Burgled/Burned and my chosen Cloud Supplier failing, at the same time, although possible, must be in the realms of almost inconceivably small possibilities.

  Forum Editor 16:35 21 Oct 2012

wee eddie

"I suppose that The Cloud should be just one arm of a Storage/Back-up System."

Absolutely right.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:53 21 Oct 2012

I just an old technophobe so not used anything "cloud like" (sounds a bit wispy to me)

besides it would take a long time to upload all my giga bytes of data with the poor upload speeds Orange supply me with.

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