Your personal website

  [DELETED] 00:16 30 Jun 2007

Here's mine

click here

Perhaps this might cross some bridges with some people, i.e. understanding....

  Nibblerman 22:14 30 Jun 2007

what about "Myspace" can that be included..?? i know its not original but its a similar issue...

  [DELETED] 22:54 30 Jun 2007

Of course, fire away...

  hzhzhzhz 23:15 30 Jun 2007

Oh God, here goes. click here

  Nibblerman 23:23 30 Jun 2007

ok here

click here

  rdave13 23:27 30 Jun 2007

Never knew you were a photographer??

  hzhzhzhz 23:28 30 Jun 2007


well,of sorts, lol

  rdave13 23:32 30 Jun 2007

Excellent. Style and a very visual site. Don't like the name falling down as this distracts from the site to a new user. Hope you don't mind a tiny criticism..:)

  [DELETED] 23:33 30 Jun 2007

nice hzhzhzhz love the shot and the dead badger!

  [DELETED] 23:33 30 Jun 2007

love the 'moon' shot.....

  rdave13 23:39 30 Jun 2007

Don't be so modest. I buy the "fool proof" type of cameras and the results are..ahem..dire to say the least. How do you "see" a pose before you take a picture puzzles me and I've tried for years to get just ONE picture that will draw someone's eye. Needs a touch of the artist I think and even matchstick men are beyond me...:(

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