Your number's up and soon to be running

  TOPCAT® 15:07 06 Sep 2004

for those who sign up to make calls via the internet.

056 is the cyberspace area code says Ofcom, though
you can opt to choose geographic numbers.

'Ofcom has also published a plain-English guide to Voip services to help consumers find out what benefits they could get from these services and what they need to do to sign up'

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  Forum Editor 00:11 07 Sep 2004

for all my calls to be routed via the internet; and all yours, and yours, and his, and hers, and theirs and..............Ooops, there goes a huge chunk of available bandwidth.

Picture the scene, it's Christmas morning and you fancy a quick login to the forum to wish me and Mrs.FE and Grandma FE and all the little FEs the compliments of the season (next Christmas will be our fifth online). Only you can't do that, because you're cooking the turkey, and you can't afford to wait ten minutes while each page loads. Half the planet is on the internet, calling the other half using VoIP, and there's a festive digital punch-up over the last vestige of bandwidth.

Or am I exaggerating just a smidge?

  Simon_P 00:30 07 Sep 2004

It's a good point FE and I suppose it could potentially happen.

I will try to wish you seasons greetings a couple of days before just incase.

I will probably be working anyway on the 25th, well someone has to and the NHS rests for no one

  TOPCAT® 21:35 07 Sep 2004

greetings a great deal earlier if the FE's scenario comes about. He definitely has a vivid imagination! Such a nice boy!!! :o)

I well recall when BT used to give a concession on phone charges for Christmas and Boxing Day. Remember that? I equally remember at this festive time of year trying to dial out long distance to family and, on quite a few occasions, being told all lines were engaged - try later.

Now, if calls can't reach their UK destination directly they are instantly diverted to where they can. Sometimes even beyond these shores if necessary. A tremendous communications achievement indeed.

So for VoIP to get under way and grow there has to be more bandwidth held in reserve, or at least ways of making more available. I suppose the charges to the consumer will be a major factor in limiting its use, otherwise FE's scenario could very well happen. Just my thoughts on the matter. TC.

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