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"This is your internet service provider"

  MPN1A 19:15 03 Mar 2020

Oh no it isn't. It's a scammer. Yesterday I received a phone call which was a recorded female with an English accent. "Hi. You missed a call. This is your internet service provider. We are about to disconnect your internet service." I stopped listening at that point. The call came from 01469965886. I received exactly the same call a couple of hours later but from 01084514815. Today I received the same call from three numbers 01160085329, 01925321965 (international) and 01560635637. Five good numbers for your block list.

Many people will be taken in by these scum.

  x13 20:18 03 Mar 2020

Checked one number on who called me - click here . A lot of these types of scam calls going around.

  HondaMan 10:14 04 Mar 2020

See this thread as well!

  qwbos 16:09 04 Mar 2020

Having checked the number in question

I rarely bother checking now as the vast majority must be using some form of random number generator, much like fake email addresses. Still don't understand why telecoms systems can't block these dangerous nuisances.

  MPN1A 18:54 04 Mar 2020

Many phone numbers are spoofed. Does anyone know why the telecom authorities can't stop this?

  Forum Editor 23:19 04 Mar 2020

One scammer has bitten the dust, thanks to the BBC.

  qwbos 01:03 05 Mar 2020

My Hotmail account is attracting a steady stream of Bitcoin "offers", and prizes for various supermarket surveys at the moment. Makes a change from the various young ladies who are apparently desperate to meet me.

The few voice calls from the scammers like those referred to in FE's post either get the whistle, or told I don't have a PC, laptop or phone.

  BT 12:15 05 Mar 2020

*One scammer has bitten the dust, thanks to the BBC.

I watched that program and although I'd seen something similar about the chap who turns the tables on the scammers I was amazed at the sheer extent of the operations in India and the seemingly almost impossibility of controlling it.

I feel for those who have been caught out by it but find it hard to understand just how they keep falling for the scams, considering the amount of times its covered on TV.

  Amy Johnston 04:36 25 Apr 2020

Indian sounding bloke told me there was a problem with my BT internet and he was going to rectify the problem...don't have BT Internet needless to say I told him to eff off and to go get a real job. So I reported this number 01903 812906. Beware!

  BT 09:19 25 Apr 2020

don't have BT Internet

Nor do I but the Indian sounding bloke who said he was based at the BT Internet Centre in Essex insisted that I did have. I told him I was with Virgin and he told me that even that was run by BT. I told him I was a Virgin Technician (I'm not) and he suddenly was too busy to carry on talking to me.

  Annie 20:45 22 May 2020

I put them on hold and after 5 minutes they hang up. Most reputable telecom companies have a free blocker to stop this. I know plusnet and BT do and my parents who are with Sky can block spam callers.

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