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  TOPCAT® 17:31 31 Dec 2004

if someone close to you has a new computer this Christmas. A happy and healthy New Year to all. TC.

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  octal 18:22 31 Dec 2004

I love the bit about recommending Xandros 3.0, I couldn't agree more!

  Charence 19:47 31 Dec 2004

but is Firefox actually better than IE at the moment? There have been many messages in the forums about problems with Firefox so I'm still uncertain whether or not to change to Firefox. Is it actually worth installing or do people just recommend it because Microsoft is the market leader?


  LastChip 21:45 31 Dec 2004

I've been using Firefox for a number of months now and there is no way I would go back to Internet Explorer. The only time I use IE is for Windows updates, as it's the only browser you can use for that purpose.

The only way you will decide whether it's for you, is to try it. It will run happily along side IE and indeed on occasions I have run both simultaneously.

For me, the largest advantage is its ability to virtually block all spyware and Trojans. Whereas I used to scan nightly for spyware, once a week is all that's needed with Firefox and even then, I rarely find anything.

Add to that built a in pop-up blocker, tabbed browsing (how did we ever manage without that?) and other features to numerous to mention, makes this a first class browser.

This post is being written in Firefox with the Spellbound extension, checking my somewhat erratic spelling!

  TOPCAT® 22:55 31 Dec 2004

That is unless you already know about it. TC.

"Firefox flies into over drive"

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  octal 23:06 31 Dec 2004

This extension does exactly the same thing as they suggest on the Enquirer site:

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And it works!

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