Your Dabs purchase may be late..

  WhiteTruckMan 09:08 23 Aug 2008

Last night one of their major delivery contractors, amtrak express parcels, ceased trading. Employees were locked out, leaving tens of thousands of items sitting around with no means of moving them. As yet, no-one is answering the phones at head office.

So if you are expecting a delivery of anything, especially if high value or of some importance, contact your vendor/supplier as soon as possible.


  laurie53 09:13 23 Aug 2008

Amtrak gone to the wall?

Don't tell the Americans!

Seriously, are they still allied to the parent company or an entirely separate entity?

Either way I reckon there will be some share price movement by association.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:49 23 Aug 2008

Amtrak is a franchise and there is nothing on the news channels yet.


  Forum Editor 10:09 23 Aug 2008

Amtrak Express Parcels is a franchised operation, and has 90 franchises operating. Don't be confused into thinking that this involves AMTRAK in America, because it doesn't.

Can you provide a link to the source of your information please?

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:17 23 Aug 2008

Nothing on the Amtrak website.

  jack 10:35 23 Aug 2008

If as implied they have been shutdown at moments notice- presumably until receivers have got it sorted- nothing will emerge- from Web site or elsewhere one can assume -
So after the Holiday week end perhaps may be.

One now is pondering who now has title to goods trapped in transit?

  spuds 11:36 23 Aug 2008

The Amtrak UK general website and tracking website still seems to be on-line.

If there are problems, then perhaps its a local franchisee who as ceased trading, and another franchisee may negotiate to run the possible failed enterprise.

We have just had a similar franchisee problems with local gyms. One franchisee went bust suddenly, then another franchisee took over. They have just gone suddenly bust also, which as left many clients in distress over recent annual fee payments. The parent company cannot help!.

  Forum Editor 11:38 23 Aug 2008

which verifies what WTM has said - the Amtrak Express Parcel distribution hub in Warrington has closed its gates and sent staff home. That's the situation, but it's unofficial at the moment, and no doubt things will be clarified fairly soon. In the meantime it's probably not a good idea to speculate. There are obviously large numbers of in-transit packages inside the hub, and for the time being that's going to be where they stay.

  Forum Editor 11:40 23 Aug 2008

"who now has title to goods trapped in transit?"

Not the addressees, that's for sure. Goods that you order via the internet are at the supplier's risk until they are delivered, so anyone who has ordered something which they have good reason to believe may not be delivered should contact the supplier.

  spuds 11:50 23 Aug 2008

And being a Bank Holiday weekend, fully and further information might not be available until after Tuesday at the earliest.

  WhiteTruckMan 15:14 23 Aug 2008

"..anyone who has ordered something which they have good reason to believe may not be delivered should contact the supplier"

Just as I said.


BTW, no connection with the american rail outfit. They (the parcel company) got the name from the ability to track parcels through their system, even on the morning of collection, hence, AM trak (no, I dunno either. Put it down to one too many late nights in some marketing department I suppose)

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