Your country, Your rules

  Alan-Petrie 23:50 05 Jul 2009

Simple question really, If you ruled this country what would you do, anything is allowed literally anything.

  dagnammit 00:08 06 Jul 2009

I think the question is far from simple and I don't have an answer. Well, at least not a serious one.

  Alan-Petrie 00:13 06 Jul 2009

I ment simple in explaning:)

I didnt say it would be simple to answer

  Armchair 08:35 06 Jul 2009

UK, it appears you already can make up your own laws.

  Kevscar1 08:45 06 Jul 2009

As a start, a referendum on Euros staying in tne UK, maximum sentences for crimes rather than minimum, reintroduction of the Death Penalty

  Kevscar1 08:46 06 Jul 2009

sorry got that wrong minimum sentences for crimes rather than maximum.

  laurie53 08:56 06 Jul 2009

I'd abide by the constitutional conventions.

The ruler has very little to do do with running the country, simply giving Royal Assent to acts passed by parliament.

  interzone55 09:08 06 Jul 2009

Without wishing to restart a very old & tired debate - take a look at Texas, they execute lots of people and violent crime hasn't stopped.

A court system based on revenge rather than punishment doesn't put an end to crime...

  newman35 09:17 06 Jul 2009


Where are these Euros, presumably in bank vaults?

  bremner 09:20 06 Jul 2009

"Without wishing to restart a very old & tired debate" and then you do!!!

  interzone55 09:28 06 Jul 2009

I don't want to, but people keep bringing it up, and someone has to stand against the Daily Mail on this topic...

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