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Your Application Of The Year And WHY?

  powerless 16:47 08 Oct 2004

Make your nominations NOW!

What is your application of the year and yes there is 3 more months to go for 2004 but it gives us plenty of time.

  Forum Editor 17:47 08 Oct 2004

click here

A tiny little application that's so good it has been acquired by Microsoft.

Lookout finds all documents or emails on my computer that contain a keyword or phrase, and it does it (usually) in about 2 seconds. You get a neat list of documents with relevant application icons alongside and you just click on the one you want. It's a fantastic time-saver, and the best thing about it is that it's free - at the moment.

  Forum Editor 08:26 09 Oct 2004

I'm glad you like LookOut - it's the find of the year as far as I'm concerned.

Don't worry about .NET - it's harmless, and (in this case)simply helps LookOut with its indexing.

  Pidder 22:30 13 Oct 2004

I'm easily pleased, Wintidy for me, to reset my desktop after Safe Mode in 98SE messes it up.

  scotty 11:26 15 Oct 2004

A GPS based navigation system (runs on PC and PocketPC). Gives maps and voice commands to guide you from A to B. Includes maps of all of Western Europe. Lots of details, points of interest (garages, hotels, airports etc) often with phone numbers. You can define a road to avoid (to route round a hold-up) and if you stray from the defined route it quickly finds a new route for you.

If you are driving somewhere unfamiliar this application is a "must have". It has even surprised me on home teritory where it has suggested routes I would not have considered.

  ajm 22:38 15 Oct 2004

Many a times, this $99 software has saved my hide and time by remotely allowing me access to my home machine from anywhere that has internet access.

Yes, there are a couple of other alternative like PCAnywhere and RealVNC, but the setup and installation of GOTOMYPC was simple and straight forward.

click here

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 22:49 15 Oct 2004

EMCO remote desktop saves me a lot of walking at work

  iambeavis 21:34 18 Oct 2004

I have to give my award to nLite - click here
It's allowed me to have the O/S that I want.

Honourable mentions to - Karen's Clipboard Viewer - click here
and Process Explorer from Sysinternals -
click here
two small applications which, in my opinion, do the job better than their Microsoft counterparts.

  powerless 22:37 18 Oct 2004

Yes, nLite - Still in beta - and gets a mention.

Nice app.

  hugh-265156 01:34 31 Oct 2004

realVNC for me too click here fantastic freebie

  powerless 21:13 11 Dec 2004

Anyone else?

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