SANTOS7 23:42 14 Dec 2005

Hi guys,I have some info i would like to share with those of you with teenage kids,
My daughter (aged 16) brought home a letter today concearning a website click here
which stores contacts under your schools name consisting of photos, personal profiles, comments, messages and email addresses which provide oppertunities for more personal communications to take place.
The head teacher of my daughters school shows some concearn with the content of this site, namely:

young people are leaving misleading info about their age, interests,and naively providing inapropriate user names.

This type of website could well be the sort of place used by Paedophiles to select and groom their victims.

Members have no control over the type and detail of the comments left for them by "visitors" to the site.

That parents/carers could well be unaware that their child is using this type of website.

The schools name is automatically associated with the type of photos and messages left on the website..
If you are not already aware of this website i hope you find the info useful....

  hzhzhz 08:29 15 Dec 2005

I asked my daughter, who spends ages on msn etc, whether or not she goes on this bebo site. Her answer was " Its too shady for me". Shes 14.

  SG Atlantis® 08:56 15 Dec 2005

Some of the profiles are disgusting, youngsters holding guns, sectarian slogans etc.

  SANTOS7 09:35 15 Dec 2005

My daughter knows someone who has pictures on this site in what can only be described as very provocative, she is only 15, Very worrying!!!!

  PaulB2005 10:15 15 Dec 2005

Oh dear...

  g0slp 10:25 15 Dec 2005

I'm not impressed by the Home Page - I really didn't want to look further than that; one image in particular was verging on <ahem> "Top Shelf Cover"...

I think a message to my children's Schools may be in order. I'm certain that they wouldn't want to be associated with such a site.

  rmcqua 11:36 15 Dec 2005

I have just tried to access the web site at the school where I teach and I am very pleased to note that it is blocked (we use RM Safety NET Plus as a filter).

  rmcqua 11:38 15 Dec 2005

.... I meant to go on and say that all schools have a duty of care to ensure that access to "dodgy" web sites such as this is restricted on the school's computers.

  rdave13 20:12 15 Dec 2005

Bookmarked.Thanks for the info SANTOS7.

  spuds 23:51 15 Dec 2005

Just completed a school check,and found many school's in my location are registered on the bebo site, also found a couple of very local schools are registered.So the site would appear to be very popular with educational establishments.

  Carbonara 00:17 16 Dec 2005

That is one sick site! or am I just a fuddy-duddy?

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