Young or new drivers and the accident rate

  HondaMan 11:55 19 Jul 2019

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the number of young or newly qualified drivers being involved in accidents. There have been many suggestions on how to reduce this, not letting them drive at night for one such stupid example. As a starting point I would suggest that limiting the vehicle which they can drive would be one way. Not by engine size, number of cylinders or even quoted horsepower, but by insurance group rating. I say not by engine size because Ford, to take one make, now produce a 3-cylinder engine of 1 ltr with almost 200 b.h.p. Similarly a large number of cylinders does not necessarily equate to high horsepower. Insurance group ratings, IMHO is a good base-line from which to start and from which other restrictions can be considered and imposed if found to be necessary.

Any views?

  WhirlingRound 12:22 19 Jul 2019

It's a good idea in principle, and would help create a safer environment for night driving. Fewer idiots borrowing mummy or daddy's desirable high-powered car and using the roads like a race track.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:06 19 Jul 2019

It's a problem that will eventually go away, when no one is allowed to drive on a public road and all vehicles are autonomous.

In the mean time how are you suppose to gain experience if you are not allowed to drive at night / drive on a motorway etc.

What has already been done as in high insurance policies and license removal for 6 points is probably all that can be done until the driver has gained experience.

However there are a lot of idiotic drivers out there of all ages as I just witnessed driving up the A14 M1 this afternoon hence the sooner we get to my first point the better to reduce accidents and save lives.

  grumpy old man 18:14 19 Jul 2019

I know a guy whose son has a black box fitted to his car , you can see these highlighted on some insurance quotes. Apparently he might NOT get insurance cover when his current policy expires , he has been told how many times he has broke the speed limit and that he is about to go over the agree mileage.

One thing that some people are not aware of regardless of your age is that when something "happens" the insurance companies play with words.

Imagine this scenario that happened to a 60 year old workmate , 1 hit and run , 1 vandalise bodywork , 1 rear shunt and 1 her fault.

When her renewal came it was the same as a new driver/boy racer quote.

When she questioned the quote they said their not accidents they are "incidents" and that's how they justify banging up your premium.

  Quickbeam 18:32 19 Jul 2019

...or pay for NC protection.

  Menzie 19:20 19 Jul 2019

From what I saw when I visited Britain this year the standard of driving is a lot better than Canada.

Here there is no lane discipline, people just hang out in the passing lane, including lorries. This causes those that drive faster to swerve in and out of lanes (the cause of most collisions here). Then you also have those that follow way too closely and are clearly looking at the car directly in front instead of what is truly ahead.

Every week I see a bus in the distance that is stopping. I calmy drive along, find a gap, then indicate and change lanes if safe. The car following behind me too closely seems surprised to see the bus after I depart the lane and ends up stuck.

I see people of all ages breaking the rules and many have been driving for years.

Autonomous vehicles will only work if everyone has them. If there is a mixture of autonomous vehicles and regular vehicles on the road then the autonomous system needs to be trained to interpret and predict human error. Maybe give it an external speaker so it can honk the horn and shout a few obscenities too.

  Cymro. 11:00 20 Jul 2019

JUst after youngsters have passed their Driving Test is probably the most dangerous time in their lives. THere must be some sort of probationary period say six months when a new driver is not permitted to do certain things such as carry other youngsters. This would at least cut down on their joyriding.

  HondaMan 13:50 20 Jul 2019

Cymro, I agree with the joyriding aspect, but it would or may prevent car-sharing or other perfectly legal things like the school-run. The lack of power to show-off will prevent a lot of the more anti-social activities undertaken by the foolish novice driver. The probationary period is a good idea but that is already being used with the number of points in the first two years being limited to 6. If breached a re-test is mandatory.

Limiting the car's performance is far more certain, after all, if you don't have it, you can't flaunt it!

  bremner 15:22 20 Jul 2019

The fact is there are three times less road deaths than their were in the 60s and 70s (click here) when I guess most of this posting on here passed their driving test.

Cars are inherently safer now and from my experience in the 70s, young drivers were just as likely to have accidents as they are now.

Before the government starts restricting young drivers they should return policing to pre 2010 levels and then a greater deterrent would be present and more drivers be stopped for their poor and dangerous driving. An almost total reliance on cameras does very little to prevent accidents and don't get me going on Smart motorways.

  Quickbeam 05:51 21 Jul 2019

"It's a problem that will eventually go away, when no one is allowed to drive on a public road and all vehicles are autonomous."

That is a very realistic scenario within a generation.

  Quickbeam 05:58 21 Jul 2019

Back in '74 when I learned to drive, most of my lessons were in the dark after work in October/November because I wanted lessons as soon as as I turned old enough.

I also took the BSM post test motorway lesson, also in the dark, that I think should be compulsory.

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