You would think the AA had decent computers

  Sethhaniel 13:58 18 Oct 2004

and mapping software-
My fiance broke down this morning -and being a member phoned for assistance - as she was 50 yards from the junction of an 'A' road on an unmarked road they said they were unable to help and put the phone down - she then phoned me and in seconds while she was still on phone I was able to tell her the name of road and grid reference and 'Longitude & latitude' lines -so a second call brought a better response saying they'd treat it as priority - now finding road on their map - as she was alone female travelling you would think they had a better system of mapping in place - My experience was 'be prepared' and travelling with a 'gps' sytem - when the breakdown occured I was able to give them exact to three metres location which of course was no use to them and the breakdown truck finally found me after being on a wild goose chase up some other road miles from my location.
So modern methods of communication seem to be failing with the 'AA'

  Sapins 14:02 18 Oct 2004

AA = Anonymous Action!

  Sethhaniel 14:05 18 Oct 2004

they are not able to fulfil :(

  JonnyTub 14:14 18 Oct 2004

I am utterly disgusted by The AA's initial response, had that been my wife stranded, I'd be going ape by know and asking for a at least a month's refund. I realise they can't send a van if they don't know where their going but what happened to their failsafe procedure, i.e. inform another family member, police etc. What would have happened if she was on her own, at night and had spent the remaining credit on her pay as you go mobile ringing the AA, miles from anywhere, hyptothetical I know, but gheez.

  Sapins 14:24 18 Oct 2004

You're lucky you weren't put through to India, then again maybe you were :-(

I agree 100% with JonnyTub, there is no excuse for being treated like this, have you considered changing to another breakdown service?

  Sethhaniel 14:32 18 Oct 2004

broken timing belt and towed her to nearest garage - at 'least as she said' the sun was shining and she was happy to sit in the sunshine till they arrived - but the initial first half hour with their failure to respond -it makes you think twice abut going to some unknow (to you) region - where if you break down there is no way you can give an exact road number -
a few years back I had an unreliable car which was prone to break down at the drop of a hat - but the garage could never find anything wrong - as I frequently drive north into Scotland a 185 mile trip I havd to resort to sticking to the A1 all the way -as at least I had some knowledge of where I was in the event of a break down - there are shorter routes - but trying to explain where you are then would be a nightmare ;)

  Sethhaniel 15:51 18 Oct 2004

click here
where i quickly found the road I was looking for - I have been saved many times over the years by the 'AA' and been relayed from various locations home - but it seems the odd time their is failure at their end.

  spuds 18:02 18 Oct 2004

I believe the AA have recently been taken over by a German company. There are a number of AA centres being re-organized, plus their Nationwide car centres have been sold.So in all perhaps the staff are not too chuffed at the moment.

I was a full member of the AA for 34 years, but three years ago we had a little upset. Loyalty didn't count.

  Forum Editor 18:07 18 Oct 2004

I had an odd noise coming from underneath my car as i drove thorugh the Norfolk countryside one day. I rang the RAC, and the girl who answered said to me "Can you see a church in the distance, on your right?" I could - she told me to drive two miles and turn right, where I would find a pub "That does excellent lunches". She said that if I went in and had lunch she would get the patrol to phone me when he was near.

Halfway through my lunch the barman called out my car number, and as I signalled to him I saw the RAC patrolman coming over. "I've fixed your car, he said - a small branch was caught in the exhaust, and was rattling against the underside of the vehicle." He got a tenner, I finsihed my lunch, and drove home, very impressed.

Your fiancee's experience was at the other end of the spectrum, and whilst I could easily have waited a lot longer, she shouldn't have had to do it. To tell a lone woman driver that they can't help and then ring off is a disgraceful way to speak to a member, and the AA deserves a written complaint.

  oresome 18:44 18 Oct 2004

Had to call out the RAC the other week, when the van wouldn't start because of a flat battery.

The patrol arrived after a hour or so and jump started the van, then checked the battery and charging system, but could find no fault.

I foolishly said, perhaps it was the new cellular phone hands free device plugged into the cigar lighter that was discharging the battery. The patrolman dismissed this as unlikely.

Imagine the suprise when, a few days later we were presented with a £85.00 bill for the call out due to driver error in leaving the handsfree kit connected!

Incidentally, the van got home, but wouldn't start the following day again and a new battery cured the problem.

Needless to say, my boss didn't pay the bill.

  Sir Radfordin 19:06 18 Oct 2004

If you are looking for a cheaper option then have a wander over here: click here

Last time they got called out by a family member managed to beat the RAC to the same location (accident resulted in 2 dead cars!) by 90 minutes!

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