You would have thought that in this day and age

  Forum Editor 08:04 20 Dec 2018

there would be a way to stop this from happening.

I can't help feeling that sooner or later there is a serious accident waiting to happen.

  morddwyd 19:10 29 Dec 2018

A Government minister takes "personal charge" of a few hundred illegals in the Channel, but ten thousand or so confused and bemused passengers are left to stew in their own juice.

Theresa May is totally out of her depth.

There was a belief, suspicion, call it what you will, that British airspace had been compromised and there is only one agency whose sole task is to deal with such things, just as there is, or should be, one agency to deal with breaches of our territorial waters.

  qwbos 20:22 29 Dec 2018


The powers that be decided that if police arrived outside the premises, a member of staff would leave the safety and security of the site and confirm that all was ok. I balked at this and made it clear that I would neither leave the site nor instruct or allow any member of staff to exit without comprehensive proof that the "police" were the police. I got a lot of stick for this.

Then came an exercise whereby the shadowy gentlemen breached the security. The police crews dispatched by the automated response system were intercepted by some other shadowy gentlemen who had staged car collisions far enough ahead of the police not to disrupt traffic/involve civilians but close enough to take them prisoner. Not long after, the "police" arrived looking for some schmuck to go out and let them in.


  john bunyan 20:50 29 Dec 2018


I could quote many examples of testing sensitive sites like command bunkers and special weapons sites but obviously must not breach the O. S.A

  Quickbeam 20:30 10 Jan 2019
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:02 03 Mar 2019

  Forum Editor 09:04 04 Mar 2019

KEITH 1955

The very last thing you want anywhere near an airport is a blunt instrument RF jamming device. The way to deal with drones is for airports to install a network of intelligent RF spectrum monitoring nodes. These can detect and geolocate drones, and the controllers which transmit to them, and trigger alerts.

Some drones don't need an RF signal, they fly using pre-programmed GPS waypoints. Other technologies such as infra red detectors, radar, and optical sensors can be deployed against them.

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