You would have thought that in this day and age

  Forum Editor 08:04 20 Dec 2018

there would be a way to stop this from happening.

I can't help feeling that sooner or later there is a serious accident waiting to happen.

  BT 08:20 20 Dec 2018

I thought there was already a way of intercepting these drones. I'm sure I've seen something on 'Click' or a similar programme that can be implemented to block the operating signals to make the drones in effect fall to the ground.

Failing that a sharpshooter with a high powered rifle would solve the problem within seconds. I realise there would be H&S issues with stray bullets but if a good shooter can take the Bllcks off a fly at ½ mile I'm sure a Drone would be no problem.

Seems that the opinion now according to BBC is that its a deliberate attempt to cause mayhem at the airport.

  john bunyan 08:30 20 Dec 2018

I have thought for a long time that a far more strict licensing system should be applied to drones. There are. terrorists threats, smuggling drugs into prisons and incidents like Gatwick. The Dutch tried anti drone eagles, but I think that is a non practical solution. You would have thought that some sort of electronic jamming could be available to authorities such as police and prisons, or a way of quickly DF - ing the control. Surely GCHQ could quickly develop and deploy such technologies?

  carver 09:15 20 Dec 2018

The people who fly these things near airports are either thick, stupid or just couldn't care less about people's safety and shouldn't be allowed to own one. They then get the responsible people who fly them a bad name, when a law comes out that banns then unless you have an operators licence they will be on of the first to complain.

  rickf 09:43 20 Dec 2018

A prison sentence is required for activities which endanger life, a stiffm one. These people are scoundrels.

  Old Deuteronomy 10:02 20 Dec 2018

The people who fly these things near airports are either thick, stupid or just couldn't care less about people's safety

Most likely they are all three.

  Brumas 10:33 20 Dec 2018

Can they not create a huge Faraday's Cage, vaguely remembering my physics from yonks ago, to envelope the area - or would the size prove unworkable?

  Cymro. 12:56 20 Dec 2018

Assuming they catch those responsible then it will be interesting to know who they are. I think the chances are that it is just some stupid youth but suppose it is some terrorist group. There is a variety to choose from these days not just your usual Middle East variety but those against air travel on grounds of climate change or just those who are generally anti capitalists. Whoever they are they can expect a stiff custodial sentence.

  wee eddie 13:00 20 Dec 2018

Cymro, as it will be a first offence, they will get a slap on the wrist and a deferred sentence, which is basically saying, "don't get caught again"

  Al94 13:01 20 Dec 2018

I think if they thought it was some stupid youth Gatwick would have reopened long ago. Much more to this I think.

  Quickbeam 15:15 20 Dec 2018

An expert on drones was saying that this can't be done with a drone straight out of the box . It has to be a well planned event by someone that is very tech savvy.

Whatever the outcome, it must be ringing some very loud alarm bells should an all out terrorist attack use this disruption on a global scale

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