You View Box help

  woodchip 20:30 20 Oct 2013

Is anybody using one of the above? if so how does one get the free Box Sets?

Also how can I find out on a old Program that was on Freeview then for third Episode went to I think Sky. Name of Program "Chuck"

  chub_tor 09:16 21 Oct 2013

You can get a free box by signing up with BT or TalkTalk Click Here or from around £200 you can buy one from Argos/Tesco/PC World etc.

Chuck has been dropped by Sky Living Click Here

  woodchip 10:46 21 Oct 2013

The YouView Box is from TalkTalk it says that I can get Free Box sets also in the instructions, but it does not work for this box on how to get them. Its also a recorder with 6 different Players that Auto Upgrades

  Haggard 09:22 23 Oct 2013

I think that the 'Free' Boxsets only come if you take one of their Boosts.

If you go to Talktalk's Home Page, click on Help and then on the TV icon, you will go to their TV help page and you can enter boxsets (no gap) in the search box.

It takes you to a page to do with the player and mentions that you can watch a complete boxset with one of the boosts.

You will probably need to telephone them or use their online discussion with an advisor to check.

If you are telephoning them, the number is 08704441820.

As far as I can recall, this is free from a Talktalk landline.

  woodchip 09:54 23 Oct 2013

Thank's for the Info, "I should have known that you do not get nothing for nothing" without you Pay up front

  Haggard 10:36 23 Oct 2013

You're welcome.

I think it would be a good idea to check with them as to whether any boost gives you the Boxsets or if it is one particular one.

According to the advert that I saw on TV yesterday, with Sky it seems that you have to take their Film channels and it could be the same with Talktalk.

  woodchip 10:39 23 Oct 2013

Thank's again. Could not login Last night to check my post

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