You think you've got problems

  Cymro. 11:06 10 Sep 2018

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As a father of two and a grandfather of three I can't imagine anything much worse than this poor man's story. It's the uncertainty and failure to get a closure. It makes the other stuff I post about seem so very trivial.

  Aitchbee 12:13 10 Sep 2018

Yes, it is a very sad story; but having a very large photo of one's lost loved one displayed so prominently in one's living-room and keeping his bedroom 'just as it was' is not a very good idea, I reckon. It must add to the parents' anguish.

  Forum Editor 13:36 10 Sep 2018

It's very difficult to imagine how I might feel, in similar circumstances. I certainly believe that in these cases the uncertainty of knowing blights the lives of parents for the rest of their days.

People deal with such stress in a variety of ways, and keeping child's room as it was at the time is a common attempt at coping. Photographs are used as a means of remembering - parents dread the thought that the memories may fade in time, so they keep them alive.

All in all, it's a parents' worst possible nightmare because they can't stop imagining what might have happened. Knowing for sure does usually bring a small measure of peace. I hate the word 'closure' because there's no such thing in these cases.

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