Before you start that post Christmas detox...

  Forum Editor 07:10 04 Jan 2017

think again. Doctors are warning against the fad for going on a detox diet, including the ridiculous fashion for drinking large quantities of water.

  Quickbeam 07:13 04 Jan 2017

Moderation in everything is the best option as a permanent diet.

  BT 08:08 04 Jan 2017

..including the ridiculous fashion for drinking large quantities of water.

This can be very dangerous if done over short periods of time. It can rapidly deplete your body's electrolytes which is why athletes drink so called 'Sports Drinks' which have electrolytes added.

As Quickbeam says Moderation in everything is the best option

  morddwyd 08:08 04 Jan 2017

"post Christmas detox"

Never thought to hear such fashionable nonsense from you, FE!

  Forum Editor 09:29 04 Jan 2017


I have no time for detox regimes (I agree with the theory that the human body detoxifies itself naturally), but I imagine lots of our readers do which is why I started this thread.

Some of you might remember that several years ago we had a fairly heated debate on the subject of the fashion for walking around clutching bottled water, and swigging from them at frequent intervals.

  Aitchbee 12:40 04 Jan 2017

I'm on 4 litres of bottled water per day with no nasty side effects it would appear.

  Forum Editor 13:12 04 Jan 2017


Presumably, you are drinking that much water on medical advice. You shouldn't be consuming that much otherwise.

The NHS advice is that women need on average, around 1.6 litres of fluid (of all kinds) per day and men need an average of two litres to keep their bodies working efficiently. Those amounts include the liquids contained in your food, and in any tea or coffee that you drink.

Unless there's a medical need, consuming more than that will provide no additional benefits and could cause harm if consumption at that level is habitual.

  Quickbeam 15:59 04 Jan 2017

Now that I bike about 50/60 miles away week on rough terrain, I use the electrolyte tabs in my water. If I don't, I get severe cramp.

  wee eddie 16:07 04 Jan 2017

Q: a couple of drips of Ribena and a small pinch of salt would do the same

  Quickbeam 17:02 04 Jan 2017

That's not technical enough!

  Quickbeam 17:08 04 Jan 2017

If 4 litres of water a day isn't good for you, is it the water content or the alcohol content of beer that's bad for a gallon a day boozer...?

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