You sometimes just have to laugh

  Ungus 10:08 11 Sep 2017

Went to visit an old man (in his 90s) from my part of the world who like many moved away to foreign climbs, unfortunately he only made it to the shipyards of Glasgow. He is a staunch Labour man and we have great discussion on my rare visits. About a year ago in one such discussion i said to him we agree on so mucu why dont you just vote SNP to which he replied " i am not having a bunch of Presbyterians telling me what to do". Well on this current visit i couldnt resist the temtation of referring to the deal struck between the Tories and Ulster unionists and said to him "hows the not being told what to do by a bunch of Presbyterians working out for you". He politely told me in the tried and tested manner to foxtrot oscar but did say if he lived until the next election he will vote SNP. You just have to laugh at it all sometimes.

  Cymro. 11:28 11 Sep 2017

Some old man on his deathbed said he was going to become a Tory. As he had been a lifelong Labour supporter his family were shocked. One of them asked him why did he wish to become a Tory at his time of life. His answer was "at least that way it is a bloody Tory who dies"

  Ungus 17:59 11 Sep 2017

Cymro Lol might consider that when my time comes.

  Ungus 18:34 11 Sep 2017

Twittersnot4me No worries many of us feel the same way and maybe worse about Theressa May and her British nationalists.

  john bunyan 18:49 11 Sep 2017


at least you have confirmed they are in work.

Nice work if you can get it!

  john bunyan 19:32 11 Sep 2017

Sorry- should have been on thread about the Cambridges !

  qwbos 01:06 12 Sep 2017

Speaking of old men, a chap went to visit his 95 year old grandfather in hospital. In the course of conversation about how he was coping with his hospitalisation, the old man recounted his daily routine. There was nothing out of the ordinary up to the point when grandfather told his grandson that he was given a cup of cocoa and a Viagra before bedtime, which obviously caused the grandson some confusion.

As he left the ward, he asked a nurse about the cocoa and Viagra.

"Well the cocoa helps give him a good night's sleep", she explained.

"And the Viagra?" asked the grandson.

"Oh that stops him rolling out of bed".

  davecartman 07:48 12 Sep 2017

An elderly lady I know, having seen a reference to driverless cars on the news remarked ' what is the point of cars going somewhere with no one in them '

  artifactcardgame 12:46 12 Sep 2017

Haha! how is he?

  Ungus 19:07 12 Sep 2017

I am In my 60s officialy retired unofficially working the same, my brother is 78 and still dry stane dyking my mother died 5 years ago aged 101 ( she was a Campbell and fay so probably lived that long just to piss every body off). The point is work as long as you can never be f frightened to stand up for what you believe to be right and when your enemy comes to your door needing shelter show him hospitality its Gods will and the highland way. Most all laugh its better than drugs. I wake up every morning and cant wait to be outside in my beloved hills and admire Gods creation and thank him for the beauty that surrounds me i am indeed a lucky man and not many can say that.

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