Is you partner worth a card?

  Cymro. 14:01 14 Feb 2018

BBC link

When I came across this one I had to use it. So what did you do that was special for your partner on Valentines Day then? I have been married for over 45 years and still send my wife a Valentine card. Yes I know it is all just a big commercialised con but as she likes such things and it is only a small thing to make her happy then why not? Anyway after all these years I have long since learned not to push my luck with such things.

  mole44 14:29 14 Feb 2018

Always get my wife a card and 12 roses,but saying that she's at end of life with dementia and in a care home.I also keep 12 real red roses in her room all the time so that deep down she knows i love her.

  Cymro. 14:33 14 Feb 2018

Well good for you mole your an example to us all

  oresome 15:44 14 Feb 2018

My wife does have a credit card on my account but has never received a Valentine card from me.

Receiving one now would only raise her suspicions that I was guilty of something.

  canarieslover 22:00 14 Feb 2018

Mine has put up with me for 54 years now so the least she deserves is a card and a meal out at the weekend.

  caccy 17:21 15 Feb 2018

53 years and no cards. Bunches of flowers and chocholates and dinner out. Have only given the boss lady three roses in all this time one for our silver wedding aniversary and two for our golden. Hope add another three more in another 22 years.

  Menzie 17:31 15 Feb 2018

My local store had cards for a great price so I got two. One for my partner and the other for my daughter.

I bought a regular box of chocolates just before the Valentine's rush, and we made a meal together for that evening.

  oresome 21:00 15 Feb 2018

Some of you guys are letting the side down!

If word gets round, before we know it they'll all want to be treated like this.

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